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Hello everyone......anyway!
i have daz studio for 3 months now,but i don't know a lot of things and here they are:
can you tell me how i can save a morph and it appears in the shaping tab?
i have a lot of high detailed works i created in other tools but i don't know how to make them a shape/morph for genesis,they are in obj formats and the same position of genesis,how i can make genesis transform to their shape?
the same thing for cloth's,i have them in obj format's but i don't know how to save them as a dynamic cloth or wearable!
please,i need you to help me and if you it with the long boring details,thanks in advance.


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    Okay, wonderful... did you, first off, export the Genesis base mesh and deform that to make your morph? If you did not, you cannot use it to morph your figure. And when you exported Genesis, did you do so at it's base resolution?

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    Unless they are modelled to Genesis, an obj file isn't going to create a morph. The vertex count needs to match, exactly...(vertex order is important, too), for starters.

    Unless you want to pay a lot for the Optitex software, there's no dynamic clothing creation in DS...use, yes.

    As to saving as a conforming clothing...she's got a number of video tutorials that should help

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    For morphs: click on Morph Loader Pro icon (looks like a muscled, bent, arm with a P on the biceps; it's found on the right edge of the screen if you use "City Limits" in Window->Workspace->Select Layout). Click on "Choose Morph Files..." (the Morph Loader Pro looks new, I'm not sure, when they changed it, but it's fairly recent) and browse to your OBJ. Then click Accept. This will generate them in the Morphs/Morph Loader heading in the Parameters tab and also in the Shaping tab. Now if you aren't happy with how they are organised: locate them, and click on the little cog wheel on the top right corner of the dial, just next to: 0.0%. Click on it, then select the first option "Parameter Settings...". In the new window the third and fourth fields allow you to change the Path and Type of the morph (i.e. where it will appear).

    For clothes, I think you first import your OBJ, convert the prop to figure, then convert from General to TriAx, then use the Transfer Utility to transfer the weights from the Source figure to your clothes. You can find all of these under the Edit menu. I'm not very familiar with this procedure, tough, and I may have missed a step.

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    Hi,, Redave :)

    about clothing,, actually not need to change obj to triax figure first.^^;
    (before I thonght same thing,,, but not need,,)

    just import obj to correct positon on genesis, then use transfer utility,
    the obj change the clothing for genesis.

    of course,, if want more better fit clothings for many poze or many character morph,,
    need to adjust weight map , of make morph for each shape,, etc,,
    or need to buy Optitex clothings,, or other soft ware,, (dynamic clothings,,)

    but basically,, it can change obj to basic clothing for genesis. which can follow genesis rig and movements,,
    and may follow other genesis morph shape too.

    lucky for me,, there were already documents about rig clothing for genesis
    (I do not know how to make clothing for other generation figure at all ^^;)

    about the basic steps (how to use transfer utility or morph loader pro,,)
    for making simple clothing for genesis, and morphs ,
    it may help,, (of course I know there are already many tutorial about morphs or rigs,,
    in this forum,, but at start point,, it is clear,,, and cover almost of basic steps,, I think,,)

    and about rigs,,

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    Oh, good point, thanks Kitakoredaz! And links to documentation are a good idea as well.
    For older generations you can copy the rig from one cr2 to another, and there is also a tool to do it (Figure Setup pane): select "Parametric (Legacy)" as rigging type, then I think you right click in Geometry List pane and select "Add Geometry" to add your OBJ, then go in the option menu (black triangle followed by lines in the top right corner of the Figure Setup tab) and select "Copy From Selected Figure" to copy paste the Victoria 4 (or other appropriate Poser rigged figure) rig. I'm no more of an expert on this than on TriAx rigging, however.

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