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Help I have just about pulled out all my hair now. can some one explane how to slow down a animation. It seems no matter what I do the dang thing still runs fast and not natural. I have daz on a win7 computer. it set up a small sceen to try out. I have V4 setting on a chair and have her raise her arm up they go way to fast. I have the total frames set to 250 and using a range of 0 to 60 to try out the speed. i have the FPS set to 25. have tried setting it as low and 5 FPS and still goes fast. also I delete the setting in the timeline and when I run the animation again all the key settings are still there. one woul think that if you Deleted them they wouldn't be there. can some one explane the time line to me in ease undertandable english that a old guy might understand. or point me to a good tutorial on the timeline and key framing. this is getting to me for some reason and I want to try my hand at making a small animation.

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    Maybe I can answer a few of your questions.

    250 frames at 25 fps should take 10 seconds to finish. If you have a key at frame 1 with the arm down and on frame 250 with the arm up, it should take 10 seconds to raise the arm. Playing frames 0 through 60 will finish in just over two seconds. I'm not entirely sure, but lowering the fps should make the animation run slower.

    Also, when you delete keys, you only delete the key for the currently selected bone. To delete the keys for all bones, I usually expand everything for the model in the scene tab and select all bones before hitting the delete key button in the timeline. There is currently no way of moving or copying keys along the timeline. If I need to copy a pose, I use Puppeteer to hold the pose I want to copy. Then I can move to the frame I want and click the dot in Puppeteer to set the frame.
    There are plenty of tutorials on youtube showing how to do animations in DS. Here are some:
    You might find something there to help you.

    You can also use AniMate2 (Lite) to do animations, which has a few different tools you can use. The Lite version, which comes with DS, is a bit limited, though.

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    Casual made a script which should do the opposite here: I'm not sure it works well for slowing the animation down, but it's worth a shot. There's also a hacked version of his script by me here:
    To clear an animation go to Edit->Figure->Clear Animation. If you delete a keyframe manually on the timeline it will delete it only for the selected item, so you'd have to select all on the scene tab first, then delete keyframes.

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    guys thanks a lot. I will go and look at tht youtube videos and see what I can learn from there. but ReDave I will have a look at your script and things. again thanks guys


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