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Raccoons Not Toons

IceScribeIceScribe Posts: 248
edited December 1969 in The Commons

Does anyone know where I could find a raccoon model? I want one that is more realistic than toony. Also a skunk and opossum?


  • Serene NightSerene Night Posts: 8,352
    edited November 2012

    Content paradise has a skunk. They also have a forest bundle on sale right now. They look a wee bit dated to me, but might suit you depending on what your needs are.

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  • LycanthropeXLycanthropeX Posts: 2,286
    edited November 2012

    i've been wanting realistic forest critters for years

    not even going to bother looking at the CP ones, I've seen their "quality" before

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  • IceScribeIceScribe Posts: 248
    edited December 1969

    thanks for steering me over to Content Paradise. The skunk is not too bad, as you say. In some ways I think it looks right but overall it looks good for a background critter. The two white stripes do not show well so it's hard to tell if they are there. But, I'll keep it in mind.
    I looked over their forest critters and agree they are primitive but at least not toon. Some dim llight, fog, some squinting, strategic bushes---eh, I'll wait. My budget won't go for "in-case" stuff for now. I wonder why there are scores of dinosaurs of excruciating names and fangs but not of our living even neighborly animals.

  • McGyverMcGyver Posts: 2,193
    edited December 1969

    I like the evil plotting squirrel... best stock pose ever... for an evil squirrel.

    800 x 960 - 93K
  • IceScribeIceScribe Posts: 248
    edited December 1969

    So that's the rascal who ate all my tree ripened apricots and plums this summer! He rubs his hands in evil joy over his nefarious plot as he stands in the tree overhead and kncks big pine cones down, hoping to brain one of us.Not cute!

  • LycanthropeXLycanthropeX Posts: 2,286
    edited December 1969

    there are never enough dinosaurs

  • pwiecekpwiecek Posts: 896
    edited November 2012

    This is old and needs Poser 4 legacy content, but you may want to take a look:

    Click on Downloads

    Bottom of the page click on 9 Lives

    Bottom of the page.

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  • TaozenTaozen Posts: 3,927
    edited November 2012

    I like the evil plotting squirrel... best stock pose ever... for an evil squirrel.

    Proof that you are what you eat...

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  • IceScribeIceScribe Posts: 248
    edited December 1969

    thank you for pointing out that raccoon model. It looks pretty good just from that view, and so do the other morphs/mats. I don't have any Poser version , but I found Amazon has some early versions with legacy content. Content Paradise doesnt seem to offer them separately, at least as far as I could see, no Poser cat.

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