Victoria-5 skin renderes in black ?

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I have added a Victoria 5 character to my Carrara scene using the default skin. That works.
Now i want to add the V5 Bree skin and change the eye color. i select "Victoria 5" in the
instances outliner (right sidebar in Assemble room)

Then i move to:

Browser -> People -> Genesis -> Materials -> Victoria 5

Then i drag /drop the V5 Bree All texture on my figure and end up with a black skin:

I also tried to double click on the material instead of drag/drop. But then i see no apparent
change in the scene.

Another issue is that i see no poke through when i setup my scene in the assembly room.
But on the rendered image the skin pokes through.

Thanks for any hint on that.

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    Hi Gaia :)

    You can apply a skin texture, to the selected figure by double clicking the thumbnail,.

    If you drag and drop,. onto the figure,. then you'll see that the shading domain your mouse is over becomes highlighted in red.
    This ONE is the shading domain which will get the shader, and that's not what you want.

    If you change the display mode (see pic) from shaded to textured,. then you'll have a better idea of what's changing when you double click the texture thumbnail.

    Just make sure that you have the figure selected.

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