I need to spend extra to use the basic supersuit morphs??

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I've bought the Supersuit for Genesis, with the Basic Suit there are 8 Universal morphs available (combined with the genesis figure) :

FBMAnubis, FBMExo, FBMGoblin, FBMOgre, FBMStocky, FBMTroll, FBMZombie, FBMEmaciated

If you delete Genesis two other morphs show up

FBMHeavy, FBMThin

However, most of these morphs don't seem towork with the genesis figure. You start sliding the slider, and the supersuit disappears into the genesis figure. Strangely enough, the only two morphs that are 'also' available with the standard Genesis figure, are the two that don't show up when the suit is used in conjunction with the figure.

Looking through the shop; Exo, Goblin, Ogre, Stocky and Zombie are body morphs in the `Genesis Creature Creator Bodies` pack. The Anubis body morph would seem to be in a pack called `Anubis`, The troll is in a `Troll for Genesis` pack and the Emaciated body is in Evolution body morphs pack.

The only requirement listed for the supersuit pack was Genesis (not several other packs), are these supersuit morphs totally pointless unless I now spend additional money on other packs? Or can I somehow copy the full body morphs from the super suit to genesis, so they can be used?

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    Ok first have you purchased the Creature Creator morphs for Genesis?

    All the morphs that the Supersuit has can be found on the product page http://www.daz3d.com/shop/genesis-supersuit under the Tab What's Included & Features

    Is the Supersuit set to "Fit To" Genesis in the Parameters Pane when the Supersuit is selected?

    I am using DS4.5.1.6 and Basic Supertsuit pictured below which I just tested on Genesiis with M5 shape morph. When I chagne the shape of Genesis the Suit follows.

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    First, the SuperSuit product comes with two different suits. The primary SuperSuit, and the BasicSuit. The BasicSuit is REALLY basic; most of the time you'll want to use the primary suit, as that's where the real value in the product is. The primary suit has hundreds of morphs in it to modify the suit shape.

    Now, on the the FBMs you are seeing. FBMs are "Full Body Morphs". They are included in conformers (e.g., clothing) to help the clothing fit various Genesis full-body shapes, especially extreme ones (such as the Troll). FBMs in clothing are usually hidden, since they are controlled by the Genesis figure the clothing is fit to and not something the end user should need to adjust separately. If you don't own the base shapes for Genesis (such as the troll, or the creature creator set), then you can ignore these FBMs in the suit. They are not intended as generic shaping for the suit; they are intended to make the suit fit those specific shapes if you have them.

    Again, the BasicSuit has very few morphs since it's meant to be a lightweight suit when you don't need the full flexibility of the SuperSuit. Your real shaping morphs for the SuperSuit are in the primary suit.

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    I just tested the Basic Suit on ALL my Genesis Morphs. It worked 99% without a hitch. Some had poke thru for Claws but that was all.

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    I am not talking about the Basic suit failing to change shape when I apply a genesis figure morph. When I apply a morph to genesis the suit changes to reflect that morph.

    I am talking about a selection of morphs that are included with the basic supersuit, but do not work 'out of the box', without - it seems - having to buy additional content from the store.

    As the suit seems to follow the genesis body very well anyway, if I were to purchase these additional packs, there would be no need to use the built-in morphs in the suit anyway.

    So the answer to my question is 'Yes I do have to pay more to actually use the morphs that come with the basic suit'.

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    The 'morphs' included ARE NOT for anything but adjusting the fit to the corresponding Genesis morph.

    They are NOT usable for anything else.

    The suit, other than the fact that usually those are HIDDEN, is functioning fully as intended.

    You are not getting ripped off or cheated in anyway. You have to pay more money to use the morphs on Genesis...they are included in the suit so if/when they are installed on Genesis there isn't a huge outcry..."The suit doesn't fit!!!!"

    And, yes, the suit fits most shapes perfectly well...but the ones included are definitely going to be a 'close fit' at best without the included morphs.

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    An easier way to think about it. You bought a suit, You didn't buy morphs for genesis. Buy morphs for genesis if you want them.

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    Ok so we weren't on the same page

    http://www.daz3d.com/shop/genesis-supersuit Is this the product yoh have? If so look down,,,if not then you could be right. :)

    Did you look at the product page:

    •Basic Suit (.DSF)
    ◦29 Adjustment Morphs

    •Supersuit (.DSF)
    ◦5 Full Body Controls
    ◦24 Head and Face Controls
    ◦39 Upper Body Controls
    ◦29 Lower Body Controls
    ◦28 Adjustment Morphs

    •Supersuit Presets: (.DSA)
    ◦10 Full Character Presets:
    ◦2 Fantasy
    ◦2 Sci-Fi
    ◦6 SuperHero
    ◦79 Shape Presets:
    ◦8 Basic
    ◦2 Fantasy
    ◦1 Sci-Fi
    ◦5 Superhero
    ◦5 Full Body
    ◦17 Head and Face
    ◦21 lower Body
    ◦20 Upper Body
    ◦46 Material Presets
    ◦2 Fantasy
    ◦2 Sci-Fi
    ◦6 Superhero
    ◦36 Visibility Presets by Khory
    •Genesis Presets: (.DSA)
    ◦9 Visibility Presets
    •53 Shader Presets: (.DSA)
    ◦19 Shader Presets by RL
    ◦24 Shader Presets by Fisty
    ◦10 Shader Presets by LaFille
    •14 Presets for Creating Your Own Thumbnails
    •Textures Include:
    ◦72 Assorted Maps up to 2000 x 2000

    •Characters Included:
    ◦Hero ◦Captain Champion
    ◦Champ Jr.
    ◦Ranger - Camo

    ◦Cyborg Surge

    Have you looked in your Content Library for the Shaping Presets as shown below.

    The Basic is just that Basic but if you use the •Supersuit (.DSF) then you will be able to adjust the suit as you want.

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