Tights, or stockings In AutoFit?

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i have to ask, Tights, or stockings in the Autofit ?"

why is there no option for "Tights, or stokings in the Autofit ?" don't know why daz never thought of making "tights or stockings" as an option on Autofit. maybe they did, but it's missing in my Daz 4.5 pro....

i Installed , ( A3 M3 Shapes for genisis ) because i have V3 and M3 clothing pack)
victoria, power loader is not in the above menue (pull Down Bar above any more ) i supose that's normal.
i don't know..

Question: I have the LDStockings trying to Put Alyson's LD Stokings Onto Genisis the Figure , but i can't get them to go.

also tried V4 Stokings, ( LD Stockings ) to fit on genisis, not very good results
Autofit does not have Alyson Listed in the menue
the Autofit Does not list Stokings either
any idea, What to click on? ,
thank you for any help.
From : mal


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    Bodysuit Tight...

  • malcolm jacobsmalcolm jacobs Posts: 107
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    i tried , the Bodysuit tight, it does not go.

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    After using Autofit have you tried the "Transfer Active Morphs" and failing that the Smoothing and Collision mod?

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    Hi Mal ;)

    Autofit does not have Alyson Listed in the menu

    Alyson is a Smith Micro / Poser figure,.

    Auto fit needs the BASE model (clone) such as the (iconic figure shapes for genesis)
    so that it can convert and transfer the model, from that Base, to the figure you're using.

    It may be easier, and simpler, to make a "Second skin" where you take the Limbs texture from the figure, and the stocking texture, and combine them in an image editor to create a new texture map, which has the stockings on the legs.

    Many older figures used this approach,.

    Hope it helps :)

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    "Alyson is a Smith Micro / Poser figure" well that make sense now why it is isn't going to work.

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    For things like tights and stockings your better off using none for the template, that way you'll get the rig and WM from Genesis, you also need to be aware that any mesh with feet in it may end up rather distorted around the foot area.

    Regarding second skins, how well they work will depend on which UV set you work with, the attached pic shows a shader mixer WIP, on the right is V4 wearing the shader as it was meant for her, on the left is Genesis using the V4 UVs, big difference.

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    thank you to 3DAGE, Szark, Bejaymac, i'm giving it a go,
    i understand now, if i use a skin , perhaps it will work.,

    the Picture Bejaymac sent me, gives me the idea, to use a skin map. maybe it would be Hexaglot ?
    i can transfer the shape or the character or any item such as boots to Hexaglot ive done it before once.

    not sure what will work at this stage.
    i have the " iconic figure shapes for genesis" perhaps ive done someting wrong, i simply dial up the Figure Shape and started from there to put cloths on, Dressing the Figure .
    maybe a Bodysuit such as genisis supersuit might allow the tights or stockings to fit.
    maybe i can dial the suit down to Invisible and the tights will still be visible, there is an option in the menue for Supersuit "Invisble
    bottoms. or tops.. maybe i've missunderstood that one.. not supprising there's a lot to take in, still working on that one thow.
    i still don't know.
    i'm not sure about making a second skin., best way to go about making it. anything with feet in it" thats about everything!!!!!!!! seems to be tricky on the feet. i mean boots , tights.
    i'm going to look at the UV set, and try to figure that one out!

    the name they give it Shader, it's really more than just colure textures Shader is really the item itself.

    in any case thanks for the advice


  • malcolm jacobsmalcolm jacobs Posts: 107
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    i wanted to show the result.
    managed to fix it with Alisha body mat
    dialed up V4 full & dialed up bask female character 0.57

    LD tights for V4 fitted on , but set the to generic shape

    dialed up collisions to about half way mark
    i thought it would be nice to let you know it worked In the end!!!!!!!!


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  • malcolm jacobsmalcolm jacobs Posts: 107
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    the shaders are realy detailed closhup.
    i did change the thickness on the stockings/tights slightly
    but it did not make a lot of diference, zero poke through at last.
    i morphed the dress to fit slighlty to stop poke through
    hope you like it

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