how do you make that dreamy look in daz

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i see some pictures in some artwork that has this dreamy or glow look for v4 mostly in a pose with that glow
is that done in photo shop or a plugin ? how is that done i have gimp software

sorry i didnt know where to post this
thank you for your time


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    Things like glows are usually done in post work - perhaps by adding a second copy of the render as a layer above the first, blurring it a bit, and setting it to something like Screen mode and fiddling with the opacity. If you could link to some example images it may help people to answer more helpfully.

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    I agree. Examples would be nice. Very interested in where this goes.

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    ...there are any number of ways. Some with postwork or some that can be done with effects plugins prior to rendering. I've used both methods.

    For example in the pic below I used a special type of "effects camera" to create the slight misty look as well as subtle lighting to give it that dawn like appearance.

    I'll post more examples later of both in render and postwork effects as I have to leave the hotspot where I am at.

    800 x 800 - 551K
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  • kyoto kidkyoto kid Posts: 27,254
    edited November 2012 are a few more:

    The first one used an in render effects tool (Nerd3D's Fog Tool Deluxe available here) to create fog effect in the background. While it creates some stunning lifelike fog effects it is very memory intensive during the rendering process.

    The second made use of both a sepia and softglow filter in Postwork tot achieve the "old faded photo" look.

    The third was done with layered "billboard" effects planes (Jepe's SteamZ) inserted in the scene prior to rendering.

    In the fourth pic, while only used in part of the scene, a postworked softglow effect was used on the candle flames and peace sign tree topper..

    In the final one to get the "old B &W" cinema look, I used a combination of postwork effects including softglow, and adjustments to brightness and contrast.

    The pic I posted in the response above used the Atmospheric Effects Cameras by Age of Armour which is available here in the Daz Store.

    1024 x 768 - 250K
    1024 x 768 - 482K
    1024 x 768 - 442K
    800 x 600 - 366K
    800 x 800 - 626K
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    Slightly off-topic, for which I apologize in advance, but I'm curious about the models used in those renders Kyoto Kid. Namely the sprite outfit in the first render (the foliage outfit) and the adorable outfits worn by what appears to be Sadie and Sam in the bottom image. Are those custom made or are they available online? The latter I'm especially interested in as I do quite a few renders using Sadie and I'd love to pad out their wardrobes.

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    ...the wood nymph dress in the fae pic is a freebie texture for the V4 MFD by Chohole and is available here:

    Chohole’s Space - page 10: Faerie and Mermaid

    (scroll down the page about half way)

    Unfortunately the Sadie and Sam pic was created before my old hard drive died. Sadie's dress is "Lady Sadie" by Tamil however the site from which I DL'd it is apparently shut down as the link returns a 404 error. The outfit Sam is wearing is a freebie texture set for the Sam Clothing Pack (available in the Daz Store). Alas, I cannot find the site the textures were DL'd from and the.backup of the zip file was corrupted.

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