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[LINKS] Musical Instruments and Music-Related Items - Free Resources

robkelkrobkelk Posts: 3,257
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This is a list of legally-free musical instrument models and other music-related items, originally compiled for Music2u4u's 2011 "Music and Monsters" Freebie Contest. While all of the resources listed here are free-to-own, some of these models are only free-to-use for non-commercial purposes. It is the user's responsibility to remain in compliance with each model's license.

First post in this thread (this post): Musical Instruments
Second post in this thread: Music-Related Items

As always with my lists, contributions of links to other legal free musical instrument models and music-related items are not only welcome, they're encouraged.

See this thread for instructions on how to register at

Last updated 27 April 2014.

Stringed Instruments

Electric Guitars

1959 Les Paul

Chemicalbrother's guitar (almost a Fender Stratocaster) (bottom of page)

electoric guiter (almost a Gibson Les Paul) (second from bottom)

Electric Bass Prop for Poser "OPB-00"

Electric guitar (3DS or MAX formats) (fourth row from top, second column from right)

Electric Guitar (OBJ and 3DS format)

Electric Guitar Prop for Poser "TLC-02"

Electric Mandolin Prop for Poser "EMD-04"

Fober's Metal-Ax Electric Guitar for DAZ Studio

Free Electric Guitar

Free Electric Guitar

Gibson "Les Paul" with amp

Gibson Guitar (Epiphone/Gibson SG Special)

Gibson Les Paul Black Beauty

Gibson SG Custom

Great Electric Guitar for Poser

GUITAR (9 different guitars - mostly Gibson Les Paul variants - each a separate download) (near bottom of page)

Guitare (3DS format) (top of page)

Ibanez Electric Guitar


mcjStrat ("looks somewhat like a Fender(tm) Stratocaster")

Metal Magic Guitar 01

Metal Magic Guitar 02

Metal Magic Guitar 03

Metal Magic Guitar 04

Mystic-Light`s Axe Guitar OR

Mystic-Light`s Star Guitar OR

Mystic-Light`s Traditional Guitar

Pz - Guitar - Stratocaster 2 (second from right)

Rickenbacker Guitar for Poser

Shwaums Strat

SM_RockGuitar (almost a Gibson Flying V)


Bass Guitars

1962 Fender Jazz Bass

BASS (4 different basses, each a separate download) (near bottom of page)

Legendary Bass Guitar For Poser

Metal Magic Bass 01

Metal Magic Bass 02


Acoustic Guitars

acoustic guitar (thirteenth from bottom)

Acoustic Guitar

Martin D45


Spanish Guitar

Guitar Accessories

capo (clamp style) (seventeenth from bottom)

effector (effects pedal) (top of page)

Flightcase (third row from bottom, center column)

Guitar Case (sixth from bottom)
Free tweed MAT for Guitar Case: same page, eleventh from bottom

Guitar Cheat Strap

guitar stand (fourteenth from bottom)

Guitar Strap (near middle of page, just above the guitars)

Guitarholder (third row from bottom, right column)

mcjStrap ("A guitar strap figure, with a skeleton composed of 16 bones")

pick (fifteenth from bottom)

Pz - Guitar - Stand (rightmost column)


hato-lele (heart-shaped resonator) (fifth from top)

uklele (seventh from top)

V-lele (Flying-V-shaped resonator) (sixth from top)

Chamber Quartet Instruments

Bass Fiddle (for Poser)

Cello and Stand


Violin (bottom row, second from left)

Chamber Quartet Accessories

Chin Rest for Violin


Celtic Harp (bottom of page)

Celtic Lap Harp (click on "Poser Harp" under ".obj Models")

Harp (OBJ and 3DS format)

Lutes, Lyres, and Dulcimers

Beebo's Victorian Lyre 01 (OBJ and 3DS format, "more nearly a dulcimer than a true lyre")

GM_Renaissance Lute

Lute (second row from bottom, rightmost column)

Lute (LWO format)

Lyre (3DS format) (top row, second from right)

Mountain Dulcimer (LWO format) (second from top)

Renaisance Lute (LWO and OBJ formats) (click on "Renaissance Lute" under "Multiple Format Models")

Other Western Stringed Instruments




Symphony HarpGuitar ("Patterned after a 1928 Symphony Dyer")

Eastern Stringed Instruments

Biwa (near bottom of page)


Erhu (Chinese "violin")

Kokyu (third from top, right column)

Koto (national instrument of Japan) (page 3, second row from bottom, left side)

Niko (eleven from top, left column)


Shamisen (two files: first and second rows)

shamisen (top of page, left column)

Thirteen-stringed koto

Other Stringed Instruments


Charango (Amerindian "guitar")

Fantasy Harp (second row, leftmost column)

Fantasy Lyre (second row, second from left column)


Grand Pianos (baby grand unless noted otherwise)

Grand Piano

model d grand piano with bench in .obj

model d lowpoly grand piano base mesh (OBJ format)

Piano a queue (OBJ format)

Requiem (baby grand piano and a brass candelabrum)

SciFiPiano (grand piano with video display instead of music stand)

Upright Pianos

1920 Player Piano

Baby Piano and Seat

Honky Tonk Piano

Midi Powered Piano (includes Python script to animate controlled by a midi file)
Alternate URL for Python script: (fourth from bottom)

Piano (bottom row, leftmost column)

Piano OR

Piano and Stool

Piano droit (OBJ format)

Piano V2 (for Poser)

Upright piano

Piano Accessories

Piano Bench

Piano Stool OR

PianoLight (optimized for Poser)

PianoLight for DS (optimized for DAZ Studio)


Accordion (bottom of page)

Accordion Piano

Akkordeon fuer V4

Hohner accordion OR

Piano Accordian (accordion)

Other Keyboard Instruments

1890 Melodeon (small church organ)

K-Org Keytar

Keyboard (OBJ format)

Keyboards by Pakled (Mini-Moog and Hammond C3)


Midi Powered Calliope (includes Python script to animate controlled by a midi file) OR (second and third from bottom)

music keyboard (fourteenth from top)

Pandora Keyboard (Vue format)

Pandora Keyboard obj-format

Pipe Organ (Orchestral version) OR

shoulder keyboard (twelvth from bottom)

Other Keyboard Accessories

Keyboardstand Apollo (third row from bottom, left column)

Keyboardtable (second row from bottom, left column)

Wind Instruments



Golden Horn

Living In The Past (silver flute)
Pose for V4:
Poses for V4:

Marching French Horn ("not meant to be realistic")

Morphing Trumpet

Trombone (click on "Downloads" at the top-right corner, then fifth row from top, second column from left)

Trompet (Vue format)

Trumpet (OBJ format) (second from bottom)

Trumpet in OBJ-format

Tuba (click on "Downloads" at the top-right corner, then fifth row from top, second column from right)


Alto Recorder, with fingerpose for Misaki

Alto Saxophone ("not a perfect model") OR


Flute (wooden flute; 3DS format) (second row, leftmost column)

Flute (wooden flute) (top of page)


Recorder (soprano recorder)

Other Western Wind Instruments

harmonica (second from top)

Harmonica (fifth from bottom)

samba whistle (thirteenth from top)

TinWhistle prop for Poser and DAZ (tin flute)



Bagpipes (seventh row from bottom, right-hand column)


Pan Flutes

Pan Flutes (OBJ and 3DS format)

Pan pipes (eighth from top)


Panpipes (second row, middle column)



Panpipes (low resolution prop)

Shofars (ram's horns)




Other Wind Instruments

3Dman's Ocarina (textured as the one from Legend of Zelda)

Didgeridoo (Click on "Poser PP2", then click on "Page 2"; top row, right column)


Shinobue (bamboo flute) (page 4, currently-bottom row, right side)

Shinobue (bamboo flute) (third row)

Street organ ("hand-cranked street/barrel organ prop")

Viking Horn



Percussion Instruments


African Drum

Bodhran (Celtic drum)

Bongo (Click on "Poser PP2", then click on "Page 2"; second row, left column)


Concert Snare Drum (3DS format, includes drum sticks, sheet music and music stand)

Conga (3DS format)

Drum object (drum set; 3DS format)

Drum set band equipment (3DS format)

Ludwig Drum Set

Marching Band Snare Drum

Native Stuff (includes Powow Drum and Drum Stick)

OP Bongo

Powwow Drum and stick


Small pink Drums (full drum kit with high-hat and cymbals)

Taiko (page 4, currently-bottom row, left side)

Taiko (two files: fourth and ffith rows)

taiko (top of page, right column)

Toy Drum (second from top)

Toy Drum Set

Vintage drum set ("Used by Ringo Starr The Beatles")

Vintage Drum Set (textured with Beatles logo)

Drum Machines

Drumming Robot


3 Original Bell Props


Hand Bells (Low and High Resolution)

Oktapussi's Bell of Doom

Porcelain Hand Bell

Tubular Prop OR

Yuletide Bell (hand bell) (sixth row from bottom, leftmost column)



marakas (fifth from bottom)


tambourine (seventh from bottom)

Tambourine (OBJ format)

Tambourine poser prop


Big-Dong-Gong (search for "Big-Dong-Gong")

Chinese gong (eleventh from top)

Hang drum (literal translation of name) (third from bottom)

Other Percussion Instruments

Castanets V3 (Castanets and hand pose for V3) (search for "Castanets V3" - Platimum Club freebie, must be logged in to access)

Finger cymbals (bottom of page)

Multiple Instruments

Baroque music instruments-01 (Bassoon, joueuse de bois (early clarinet), cromorne, 'snake charmer's flute')

Baroque music instruments-02 (Syrinx, kena (early flute/tin-whistle), tromp (conch-shell horn), saqueboute (early trombone), cornet a bouquin, tambourine)

Biwa & Ryuteki (biwa, bachi (used to play the biwa), and ryuteki (flute), with ryuteki post for M3) (twelveth from bottom, left column:

Musical Instruments (Harp, CrumHorn, Cornemuse, Luth, Rebec and musician poses for Sara, M3 and V3) (top of right-hand column)

Props (electric guitar, amp stack, hi-fi components, speaker, mixer board, upright piano, portable keyboard, DJ turntables, other non-related props)

Steampunk style band set (Lead/Rythym Guitar, Bass Guitar, Loudspeaker, Microphone on stand, Drum Set, Drum Sticks parented to M4)

The Rockstage (Rockstage, Stagelights, Drumset, Drumstick, Keyboard, Marshall Stack, Microphone, Monitor, PA Speakers, Speaker Column) OR

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