Genesis doesn't start with skin, and I can't apply skin.

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I've followed the directions exactly, but my genesis doesn't start out grey - it is transparent. And every time I apply a skin material, it doesn't actually follow through.

EDIT: This is for Daz 3d Studio 4.5

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    Did you somehow end up saving your genesis figure with a glass shader applied to it?

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    No, I don't think so - I literally just downloaded this, and just started using it. I've never been able to put on a single one of the skin textures, even though I double click. It isn't transparent exactly - more like nonexistent. I mean, there is an outline of a person, and the shaping is adjustable, but it isn't actually there.

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    Here is a screenshot of what it looks like.

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    You see the little Black box in the right corner with the down arrow? That is your Viewport set to Wire Bounding box. Use the Down arrow and pick Texture Shaded. That will fix you right up.

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    I'm not sure about the setting names, but your display settings in the viewport are not what you need. See the black 3-D box right next to the grey bar that says 'Perspective View? Click on it. You'll get a drop-down with several icons. You want the sphere that looks like a marble with a shadow and everything. That will display the surface of the selected figure.

    Apologies for not knowing the terms - I know someone else will be able to explain it better. Hopefully this can get you up and running, though. Good luck!

    Edit - ninja'd by Jaderail! :)

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    Next to the the words 'Perspective View' there is a line drawing of a cube. That shows you're display is set to wire bounding box.
    The downward triangle will open the pull down menu with other display modes, you want the second from the bottom, 'texture shaded'.

    (The orange outline is because you have the Region Navigator active.)

    I type very slowly :lol: :lol: :lol:

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    Three great minds, all thinking just alike.

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