Found a couple of serious bugs in Carrara 8.5 Pro Build 132 (64 bit) for Mac...

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Haven't figured out where to properly report Carrara bugs, so I thought I'd post here.

1) I can reliably make Carrara crash by doing the following:

a) Create a new empty scene.
b) Insert a figure (in my case, V5 Supermodel)
e) Insert a prop and "fit to" Genesis.
(Specific example, CatGirl Genesis whiskers or tail)
f) Carrara will crash every time.

In the above example, if you save the file at any time before the crash, the file will not be readable after the crash. (A dialog appears saying "I/O error occurred while executing Open.)

a) The saved file is not readable after the crash.
b) If you try doing a "Save As" as well, the "saved as" file is not readable either.
c) If you use the OSX Finder to copy the file after it is saved, the backup is also not readable.
d) If you exit Carrara after you Save or "Save As" and before you cause a crash, the saved file will be readable.

It seems that Carrara is perhaps not fully flushing to disk when it does a save and that it keeps the files it writes open until it actually exits. Or some similar behavior.

Upon experimenting further, I've produced a variant case. If you create a new scene, insert the DAZ Genesis Catgirl tail and nothing else, then save the file, exit and attempt to re-open the scene, the file will not be readable. However, Carrara won't crash during the process.

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    HI Gothdog :)

    The link to the Bug tracker is on the first page of the main Beta release thread.

    You'll need to set up a new user name and password for the Bug tracker, ..since it's separate from your Daz3D store account.

    Also, ..

    Does this happen with other clothing r just the items you mentioned ?

    Many products have been updated, some several times,. and it's worth re-downloading the latest version, and seeing if that still causes an issue.

    Hope it helps :)

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    Hi 3DAGE,

    Thanks for the link.

    Yes, it does happen with other items. I just picked on the Genesis Catgirl to create a concretely reproducible example.

    I'll create an ID in the bug tracking system and post the bug.

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    Thanks GothDog :)

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