Black November Carrara sales

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The sales are almost over, but as uaual there are awesome last minute deals:

All Daz Originals, including Carrara and its plugins are at 70% off:
Carrara 8 Pro is 69% off, almost 70% :)

50% off Age of Armour store
Some free addons for some store items:

Skies of Economy by DimensionTheory is on 33% intro sale:

Not Carrara specific, but content for Carrara/DazStudio/Poser:
The most bang for the buck are the Pro Suites, that are 70% off:

Also, if you purchase items over 30$, get a free item from:

Also, if you purchase items over 50$, get the free item from:

Do not forget the 30% coupon you should have in your email inbox/spambox!

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    Every time I click the Carrara page, the price CHANGES!! I have it but am looking at the page(s) for my friend ...also of MAJOR concern is that there are NO hardware requirements listed?! My friend is 32 bit... but FYI...price has been $29, $42 (or was it 44, I am dyslexic) and now with YOUR link it's $270something! sheesh!

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    I've heard that 30% off coupon mentioned several times now
    but all I ever get in my spambox is just regular useless spam

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    Carrara price depends on ewhich version you look at and also the timing of the sales and if you are a PC member that is logged in.
    Roght now the prices are as low as they can get.

    Hw specs are low since Carrara is old, if you buy the pro version you get both a32&64; bit versions. Details here:

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    Got myself M4 pro suite, 2 freebies, s5 elite texture, all for 42$, sweet deal.

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