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Im working in a concept ship and suddenly seems it becomes in most mysterious ship of universe lol as you can see by images in assembly room it appears ok but passing to vertex room to continued seems Ets sabotage my work lol :).Any idea why it h


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    Notice that my question is also unfinish.Im asking if a mess like that happen to someone else? If so what could be cause? thxs

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    Haven't had anything like that happen to me. Then again, I've never made a model as complicated as yours appears to be.

    The only thing that really caught my eye is the size of the grid in the top picture versus the "exploded view" in the bottom picture. It looks to me like we are looking at two different models. You'd have to give us a lot more information about what you were doing at the time before we can harbour any guesses about what happened.

    I hope that you have a saved copy from earlier in the day that you can revert to if necessary.

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    HI Trialg :)

    The exploded vertices in the bottom image look like what's left if you delete all the polygons,.
    but,. there's another smaller version of the model at the bottom

    Could it be that you've deleted an object at one scale,. pasted it in again, and scaled it down.

    More info would help.

    What was the model made in ?

    What format is it,.

    do you have a previous scene or version of the model?

    If you open that, does it appear the same way.

    What version of Carrara are you using,..
    What Platform and OS ?

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