Michael 5 On Poser 2012 error (Mac)

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I bought Michel 5 model base and then I tried to install it in Poser 2012 (with SR3.1 update) in the next folder:

Poser Pro 2012 Content/Downloads

When finished it appears in Downloads panel with a thumbnail but when I try to load it in the scene I get the following message in the attached file.

Anyone knows what happen?



  • MedzinMedzin Posts: 337
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    It looks like you have not installed the DSON importer (or not installed it properly)

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    Hi, how I can do that?

  • Jeanne MJeanne M Posts: 630
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    Did you also put the data folder in your poser runtime where you have the genesis starter essentials? I got that message when I wanted to use a hair and forgot to copy the data. Oh, you also might want to be sure that you have the texture folder in your poserruntime folder.

    About the DSON importer for Poser you need that otherwise you can't use Genesis in Poser. See this thread

    Love, Jeanne

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    Do you have the DSON Importer for Poser?

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