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I am trying to follow the provided tutorial, but the images are not working, so that may be why I am not understanding it. Anybody here use total hair control?

I am trying to use it on a hair prop in DS3.

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    I do have Total Hair Control, but I have not used it very much (and it's not installed at the moment, & I use DS4.5), so I'm not sure how much help I can be but I just did a quick check and the tutorial is working okay for me, with images.

    All I did was unzip the DS file into a temporary folder, and ran the tutorial file from there (in Firefox 17.0) and the images worked fine for me.

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    Hello, AWR. This thread popped up before I got to my PM's so I'll just answer you here. I strongly suggest a re-download and un-zip if your manual is not working. THC is one product that you really need to READ before using. You must have the proper set applied to the proper type of hair prop before the set will ever work. I also highly recommend that a user understands DS Deformers before trying to use this.

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    Thanks, guys :D

    I'll try re-installing it. I've done some minor stuff in deformers, but nothing big (carnite's plane deforming type stuff and magnetizing the footprints tool). I'll keep at it.

    *edit: I must have been tired, because this morning I follow the same instructions, and it made sense and works. Maybe I need to learn how to tolerate coffee when working at 3am ... lol. My character's hair and sideburns now line-up with the painted on beard.

    Looks perfect :D

    Whoever told me about this product deserves a huge kiss. I can see a lot of use for this tool :D

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