Bryce 7 Premium Content/Instance Lab?

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Why am I unable to access either? I installed the Bryce 7 pro content, but I still can't add it into scenes; nothing happens when I click the check mark to put the item into the scene.

Secondly, why does the Instancing Lab not work? I can enter it when I have a terrain selected, but absolutely none of the buttons respond.... I thought Bryce 7 allowed you to make forests and such with ease?

When I open up Bryce it says Bryce 7 PLE.... how do I get the full version?


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    Purchase Bryce via the store, which cost you $0.00. Then you find in your account the available serial numbers. You need the one for Pro. The Instance Lab doesn't work with PLE, neither does some content.

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    oh my GAWSH. SOOOO thankful for these forums right now.

    Would you mind checking my other post (Bryce 7 Materials?!) and see if you can solve my render noise and water reflection problems? :/

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    Yay =) thank you for helping me with the pro install.

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