Genesis starter essentials - how big file?

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can anyone tell me the file size for the Genesis starter essentials? i've just reset my DS 4.5 pro and am about to start downloading again, but was curious of the file size for that one in particular.


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    G'day Jaki (^_^)n,

    ... the "new" 14812_GenesisStarterEssentials_1.9_trx weighs in at 449,931,012 bytes, with the 14812_GenesisStarterEssentialsPoserCF_1.9_dpc.exe at 12,883,530 bytes.

    That's the one that comes with the new beta - the "old" 14812_GenesisStarterEssentials_1.6_trx.exe is 450,068,073 bytes, with the 14812_GenesisStarterEssentialsPoserCF_1.6_dpc.exe at 13,031,108 bytes. The Essentials 1.6 is the one that comes with the most recent (that I know of) "stable" version.

    HTH (^_^)/

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    thanks MFM! I'm not downloading the new beta version, I'm sticking with the for the moment. So the genesis starter 1.6_trx.exe would be the one I want - I don't use Poser or a lower version of DS so don't need the DSON files etc.

    Just needed to know file size so I know whether I can start download now or wait till rest of house is off internet (hubby on xbox live so anything i download will affect his playing)


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