Even better deal on C8 Pro for PlatClub members!

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Just took advantage of this deal myself....

Current PlatClub members (who are looking to jump into the Carrara world) can get Carrara 8 Pro full version for 69% off ($171)...

However, purchase it with one of the HowieFarkes items currently on sale (say Country Lane for $13.97) and you'll get an additional 20% off C8 (makes C8 Pro $136.80) ...

PLUS - get one of the Black November freebies at no extra cost....

PLUS - if you received the "we miss you" 30% saving coupon, then you can use that as well.. bringing the total cost of a NEW/FULL C8 Pro purchase to $95.76!

So for a little over $110 you can get C8 Pro + a great HowieFarkes item + a Black Nov freebie :-)


  • shlomi laszloshlomi laszlo Posts: 149
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    just got c8pro & secret lake bundle for 116$
    i forgot to add the black november freebie
    but it's still a great deal

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    How does one obtain one of these 30% "we miss you coupons". I'd be willing to take a short trip if that would help.

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    snakegrab said:
    How does one obtain one of these 30% "we miss you coupons". I'd be willing to take a short trip if that would help.

    I'm not sure if we're allowed to give out promo codes on the forums if DAZ haven't made them "public" themselves.

    DAZ also sent a "thank you" follow up email and coupon a couple of days ago with another 30% discount.
    If you're subscribed to their newsletters or have a PC membership, maybe check your spam/junk email filters as you may have missed the coupons in your inbox.

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    The email doesn't say anything about sharing, and they can restrict these to specific customers if they wish. The code is SAVE-30.

  • Box8068_31c338ee4bBox8068_31c338ee4b Posts: 266
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    I just joined Platinum Club.
    I own Carrara 6 Pro but only see upgrade from Carrara 7, so I'm looking to buy 8 pro and hope I get
    30% discount being a new member over the platinum club price. How do I see the platinum club deals on Carrara 8 purchase?
    Geez I feel dense these days.
    Thanks for your help.

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    Possibly because of the C7 Give-away on Mag disks...
    C6 upgrade may not be there..

    Once your PC account is set up , and you log in,. you should see the prices based on your account settings EG: PC member.

    if you log out,. and browse the store, the prices should be different. since you're not logged in,... and not recognised as a PC member.

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