Crashes loading CBR file to Camera Carrara 6 Pro

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Hey everybody, and thanks for you help in advance.
I have a pretty complex animation to do and I'm getting pretty good with carrara.
I want to stop using the mouse to drag stuff around and do direct x y z value entries in Carrara.
This would be very helpful for camera locations.
I decided to do some experimentation. at 00:00 I pulled the camera back 10 inches. I saved a CBR file.
I reset the camera at 00:00 to where I want it to start, I move to 4 seconds in the time line and I load the CBR file, the camera jumps to the proper location.
But then If i move on the time line Carrara crashes. Just get an "error has occured " with no animation window.

I tried the same thing again after a reboot, this time I noticed a keyframe wasn't created when I loaded the CBR file even though the camera moved to the proper location. So I click the create keyframe in the sequencer, and click on the camera keyframe track. ( where I am in the time line) and Carrara crashes again. It seems I am not doing something correct after loading the CBR. Any Ideas?
Might just try to click any box and hit enter and see if that creates a keyframe.


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    you can save camera positions within a scene by using the drop down menu where you select the camera , sorry bad explanation, havn't got c in front of me

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