Question about AutoFit and a Gen 4 clothing item

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I normally have some degree of success getting V4 clothing to work with my female Genesis serial characters, which are almost always quite muscular. One issue I consistently have, though, is that even if poke-through appears to be sorted prior to test rendering, it will show up in the render, and I end up having to fiddle with morphs, scale, etc., and often feel as if I am sort of "faking it", trying to get things to work that "look so easy" on the DAZ YouTube Channel.

But my question at the moment is this:

I'm wanting to use the Office Suit II on one or more of my characters:

The problem I'm having, though, is that even if I load the top/blouse onto an unmodified Genesis base, Autofit loads and converts the top, but it's unbuttoned and open by default. And of course the blouse's morphs are lost in the conversion process, so I'm left with an open blouse that otherwise fits, but that I cannot close. Can anyone shed some light on why this happens with V4 clothes that have open/close morphs, and whether anything can be done to remedy it? I'd even be happy if I could get it to be closed/buttoned by default.

Thank you!


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    If you upgrade to DAZ Studio 4.5 morphs will be preserved. Alternatively you might try exporting the unconverted clothing, with a morph set but otherwise zeroed, as an OBJ file (use the Poser preset, but change the setting under groups to Use existing) and loading that as a morph for the converted clothing - or even loading the base OBJ and rigging it with the Transfer Utility. and again loading exported OBJ morphs

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    Richard, thanks for your quick reply!

    The second part of your suggestions are way over my head, sadly, but might be rendered immaterial by the fact that I recently installed 4.5 on a new laptop to fool around with it without having to take any risks on my desktop, which runs 4.

    I had no idea that 4.5 would preserve those morphs, and if that's true, then it opens up a world of possibilities for clothing, and will allow me to make full use of some V4 clothing that I had limited - or no - us of. I'll try that!

    I run all of my content on an external drive, which works beautifully. I have both 4 (on the desktop) and 4.5 (on the laptop) pointed to it, and it seems to find scenes and content fine, though I suspect I might have to reinstall/install my content if I want smart content to show as such... correct?

    I have been afraid to upgrade the desktop to 4.5 because of fears of losing/having to reinstall content, as well as some concerns I have with the deprecation of .daz. If my .daz scenes are opened in 4.5 and saved as .duf and new file names, will they be preserved?

    I will try the V4 clothing on 4.5. Literally, all I have to do to go from the desktop to the laptop is plug in a USB cord. If the lappy works at least as well as the desktop, maybe I should just start gradually migrating content and old .daz scenes over to the lappy.

    I'll try to let you know if this works. Thank you!

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    The morph issue is one of the many fixes between 4.0 and 4.5...

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    Well, I'm thrilled to say that the morphs are indeed preserved, and now I can use my V4 clothing to full effect! I thought all that money was wasted or of limited return! I'm going to experiment with doing some scenes with previously limited function V4 clothing on the laptop and see how things go. But this opens up a huge expansion of my current V4 content's possibilities! All that clothing will have new life! One of these days, I might get the nerve to upgrade on the desktop. But for now... that's too scary.

    Thanks for replying!

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