Callcenter headset / ear piece or posable phone

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Hello for a office scene i'm searching for a phone headset like they use in callcenters, or as alternative an earpiece or a classic phone

i'f possible one that moves with the head / hand.

I searched all internet resources i know, but nothing there.

Do any one of you know where i can find this kind of prop's


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    I just found this one from a google search with using the words "headset Poser Prop"

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    Szark said:
    I just found this one from a google search with using the words "headset Poser Prop"

    Thanks !!! I searched sharecg , but only in the daz3d section. Not realizing poser props also work in daz3d studio 4,5
    You yust opend a whole new box of content for me :-)

    Glasses and headset - poser props

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    My pleasure.

    Most Poser formats will work in Daz Studio and have done so since the first version of Daz Studio. Both programs use the same geometery formats but can differ in regards of materials. If a Poser item has used the inbuilt Poser node system then they won't work in Daz Studio but if the Poser materials used image maps then all is well in Daz Studio with only needing tweaking.

    If you add a SubD (subdivids the mesh) modifier to the headset you can smooth out the sharp kinks as shown below. SubD can be found a number of ways either from the Scene Pane Options box (small striped box top right/left of each pane. Or Edit > Object or Figure > Geometry > Convert to SubD

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