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So I took the plunge and bought Carrara Pro during Black November.
Carrara 8 had integration for DAZ figures, but 8.5 of course lifts this to new levels with the integration of Genesis.
When you purchase Carrara Pro, you get tons of packages for download with lots of Victoria 4 and Michael 4 Carrara renderers and figures.
My question is now which of these are relevant to 8, but no longer to 8.5? I don't want to install something that might end up crashing my setup. Is it safe to install everything even if I plan to use 8.5 onwards?

Thanks in advance, J


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    Quite relevant, I use them all the time. You're far more likely to get a crash or lock up using genesis or DUF.

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    HI neoangin

    Welcome :)

    which of these are relevant to 8, but no longer to 8.5?

    They're all still relevant ,. the 8.5 beta, will still load all the previous Daz models like V3 / V4 / M4 etc,. Genesis.

    If you're new to 3D, or Daz3D , then you may not have any figures, so,. You get the Full V4/M4 models with the Morphs++ packs,
    as well as Skin textures, and custom Carrara skin shaders for both figures.
    You also get a bunch of starter content , such as the Daz Hair caps, the Digital painter Brushes, Howies snow scene, etc..

    If you're a Poser user, then you can add your Runtime folders to the Carrara browser, and load your Poser/Daz3D figures.

    If you're a Daz Studio user, and you already have V4 / M4 installed,. then you can add you're Daz Studio Runtime folder to Carrara, and load your Daz3D figures / hair / Poses / Props etc,.. from there, in almost the same way as you would in DS.

    so, ..what you choose to install from the software bundle, depends on what content you already have, and how you want to use Carrara.

    If you want to model your own characters, add bones, texture them, animate them and render the results, then you don't need any of the bundled software.

    All of the bundled content will work in C8 or in 8.5 ..when it's ready. However,. the Beta version is normally supplied "without content" since it's a test version, ...not a working version yet.

    Installing the "Carrara Native Content" into the 8.5 Beta folder,. shouldn't cause any issues, but it should normally be installed into your working Carrara 8 folder.

    The main Carrara 8 program, and the Beta of 8.5 should be installed into separate folders,.
    they're different programs and need to be kept apart.

    Hope it helps :)

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