Unable to install 3D Bridge DS4

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Hello , I am a new user,

I have downloaded 3d bridge for Photoshop but am unable to install and get the following message.-

The installation path for daz studio could not be found. "3D Bridge DS4" cannot be installed. setup will now quit

I really am stumped and won't be able to get any further , unless anyone out there could kindly point me in the right direction.

Thank you



  • Richard HaseltineRichard Haseltine Posts: 42,619
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    Do you have the right version (64 or 32 bit) of DAZ Studio 4 installed? If so it may be the path wasn't recorded - try installing again to see if that will get it to stick.

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    Thank you! That was it! I was trying to load the 32 bit version to my 64 bit daz program Doh!

    I thought I had read somewhere that it wasn't compatible with 64 bit, maybe that was only when it was first released. Anyway its worked Thanks again, much appreciated :)

  • gregorysnow34gregorysnow34 Posts: 1
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    After just restarting pc, I get rid of the issue..

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