The Wisteria Pool House - missing the DS files

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Bought The Wisteria Pool House and according to the product file there shall be DS material, but when I got the product I only got the Poser files - 14991_WisteriaPoolHouse_1.0_dpc.exe - PC

I've tried to reset the download, there's still only one file, and no DS files within that one.
Unfortunately this is one of these products lacking readme's and file content description, so there's no way to tell what was supposed to be included only that the product page tells that there should be DS files available.

Now, do anyone know if this is the case or if there's only poser files with this product.


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    I don't have this set, but are you sure that there are no DS materials in the installer.

    If this is a combined installer, the DSA files and the PZ2 files will all be in the same folder, Runtime > Pose. The DS ones will show with a small scroll icon in the top left hand corner to show that the DS files will be used. Inside Poser, the DS files will not be seen, and the PZ2 files will be used.

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