Poser 9 and Nye Hair

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I am having some issues loading Nye Hair in Poser 9 on Michael 4. When I load the hair, and even after the adjustments for M4, the hair loads at the base of his neck.

Any suggestions? :)


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    Hi Riverdark :-)

    For use on Mil4 figures in both Poser and DS, the hair prop and fits/mats are in:
    your poser library - Hair/AprilYSH
    your poser library - Pose/AprilYSH/AprilNye

    For use on Genesis in DS, the hair figure and mats are in:
    your ds content - People/Genesis/Hair/AprilYSH
    your ds content - People/Genesis/Hair/AprilYSH/Nye Presets

    For use on Genesis in Poser, the hair figure and mats are in:
    your poser companion library* - Figures/AprilYSH/AprilGenesis
    your poser companion library* - Pose/AprilYSH/AprilNye **

    * your poser companion files may have been installed in the same runtime as your poser library, it does not have to be separate.
    ** mats apply to the genesis and mil4 versions but fits are automatic/conforming on genesis, ie fits poses are needed for mil4 only.

    Hope that helps :)

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