Black November Question About My Current Cart

mattiascibienmattiascibien Posts: 140

Hello Everybody,
not sure if this is a bug or anything but I have added some products into my cart (see attached image)

this is what I did:
+ I composed my bundle for the 29.92 dollars offer.
+ I tried to add the freebie of daz (Genesis Evolution Expressions)
+ I have added the Free Texture for Stephanie 5.

Since I have read that The freebie product is for a purchause of 30$ or more and thexture is for the 50$ purchauses why do I get this price (seems that i got for free the two freebies). So Discounts does not count regarding the two free items?


  • pc2014pc2014 Posts: 219
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    I'm not sure I understand the question.

    Your bundle items are $19.95 which comes out to be $99.75 ($19.95*5 = $99.75).
    Subtract your 70% ($69.825) discount from the bundles and your total is $29.92.

    Plus you're getting the Joanie Texture ($14.95) and Expressions ($20.97) for free (total in freebies $35.92).

    Your discounts added together (Freebies: $35.92 + Bundle : $69.825) come out to be $105.75.
    Subtract it from the actual price of the products (Bundles: $95.75 + Freebies: $35.92 = $135.67) for a grand total of $29.92.

  • mattiascibienmattiascibien Posts: 140
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    Yep I have seen and everything was working. My concern was regarding the free items since I have not spent 30 or 50 bucks respectively.

    The Free items are not aware of the discounts in conclusion.

  • pc2014pc2014 Posts: 219
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    I understand what you're saying. :) Your grand total should have been $30+ or $50+ to earn the discounts. Not sure if it's a glitch or if DAZ is just being generous.

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