Failed to load script file error in previous DS version

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I have just spent 2 days doing tech support with a customer who couldn't get the PoseMaster 1.5 upgrade to work (see the details here:

He kept getting "Failed to load script file" errors for the v1.5 scripts, but the v1.4 scripts worked fine.

It turns out he was using DS whereas I'd encrypted the scripts to DSB in DS Upgrading to the latest version of Studio fixed the problem for him.

What I'd like to know is the following: my scripts have worked on every version of Studio since 3. Now they don't because I encrypted them using the latest version. For plugins, I can understand backward compatibility but is DAZ expecting PA's to encrypt script files with the oldest possible version of 4.5 in order for all customer to use them?

I simply cannot grasp the logic, and the impact both to customers and PA's is enormous. Why does it work this way?


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    That's the problem with encrypted scripts...they are more or less tied to the version they are encrypted in.

    One option, I guess, would be to go the full, compiled plug in route, since I doubt you would go with unencrypted scripts that get compiled at runtime, by the current running version...

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    Simple solution is to encrypt them in the oldest version of DS you have. You can safely ignore any errors the script IDE of said old DS version throws at you, of course, as long as the script works in whichever version it is supposed to work..

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    Thanks guys. I'm guessing I'll be installing DS3 again :-)

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    Yes, the binary formats (.dsb and .dse) are version-tagged and DS won't even try to open a file from a newer version. It would be hard to have older versions know how new a file they could safely open, I suppose, but it is generally an annoyance rather than a help.

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