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I'm trying to fit joequick's Classic Trenchcoat over Genesis and a piece of M4 clothing in DS4.5Pro. It is poking through at the armpit. In DS3, you can just poke the lcollar/rcollar eye to make the shirt sleeve inisible and it will look good, but if you do that in DS4 it takes off a masive chunk of chest.

How can I fix this?


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    Turn on smoothing for the coat and set it to collide with the shirt.
    Or use a deformer to push in the bit of shirt that pokes out, or pull out the coat where it pokes through.
    DS3 would have also turned off a large chunk of the shirt its how the shirt is made.
    Try looking in the surfaces tab to see if the problem area of the shirt has a seperate mat zone you can make invisible.

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    Can I make it collide with more thanone thing?

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    edited December 1969 can only collide with one thing at a time.

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    Sickle Yield over at renderosity has a super clipper fixer body suit for this purpose with tons of movement morphs. What you do is put the bottom layer on and collide it with genesis. Then put the suit on, and then put your second layer on. The second layer is then collided with the body suit, and you use the morphs to fix problem areas.

    I read something about people using geometry shells of the genesis figure (slightly scaled larger) to do the same thing, but I have no idea how to go about doing that.

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