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How big is it?

deeahr2169deeahr2169 Posts: 313
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I have been exploring Hexagon since finding that i needed a prop for a scene and could not find anything that fitted the bill elsewhere. For me this was and is a big deal, because i dont have a great deal of technical know how. I did however find a few tutorials, though to be honest many of the links to tutorials in this forum dont seem to work. Thats another question, maybe for later.
I have been playing around with this for a longish time now and i have managed to make something that, while far from perfect, is pretty close to what i want. I even got it into Daz, At first i wondered why i couldnt see it, then after a lot of experimenting i found out that if i increased the size by around five thousand, i wrote that to be sure the actual size was understood, thats 5000 times bigger it was almost usable, to actually have it to scale with a human would need 50 thousand times bigger.
Obviously there has to be a way to save something made in Hexagon so that when it is in Daz it is to normal scale. I got as far as i have by finding and following some tutorials, the finding was not easy, but i got there in the end. I need to gain an understanding of size when creating things in hexagon, a link to an appropriate tutorial would be very much appreciated.
Incidentally many of the links in the tutorial section of this forum are broken, particularly the Daz artzone ones. Not sure but maybe the artzone was altered when the big revamp happened.


  • Wee Dangerous JohnWee Dangerous John Posts: 742
    edited November 2012

    Tutorial wise check out some of the early ones by Garry Miller over at Also Danny (CGDreams) has done a series of 26 short videos explaining what all the tools are for -

    One thing you could try to get the scale right, load V4 or Genesis into Daz Studio and export it as an OBJ file. On the screen grabs I have turned the textures off, when you get into making clothes you may want to turn those on (I said when coz in time we all try our hand at making clothing) :)

    1066 x 528 - 85K
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  • deeahr2169deeahr2169 Posts: 313
    edited December 1969

    Thank you so much for the information, i think i can figure out the size thing thanks to the suggestion you made. As far as the tutorials are concerned i will take a look very soon. Many thanks

  • dawgzangdawgzang Posts: 0
    edited November 2012

    I had this issue yesterday and decided to create a 10 foot square plane in Daz and send it to Hexagon. Once in Hexagon I created a cube that covered the square plane perfectly. This cube was aproximately 30 units. I figure 1ft in Daz is 3 units in Hexagon. Hope this is helpful.

    1 unit Hexagon = 0.33ft = 0.10058m


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  • AscaniaAscania Posts: 0
    edited December 1969

    dawgzang said:

    1 unit Hexagon = 0.33ft = 0.10058m

    ! Hexagon unit = 1cm = 0.01m


  • edited December 1969

    Ascania said:
    dawgzang said:

    1 unit Hexagon = 0.33ft = 0.10058m

    ! Hexagon unit = 1cm = 0.01m


    Yes, metric IS easy that way. I've never understood why the US took it's own path in measuring systems. It even screwed up the Hubble telescope's optics when they first sent it up. :gulp:

    But Dawg's example equates SAE with Metric, and I think that was his purpose.

  • RoygeeRoygee Posts: 2,165
    edited December 1969

    1 Unit Hexagon = 1cm=0.0328084 ft.=0.393701inch.:)

    Try sending something on a round trip - create a 1m cube in Studio and send to Hex via the bridge - it comes in at 10X10X10, should actually be 100X100X100.

    Now export that from Hex as .obj, size 1 and import to Studio at 1 unit =1cm - it comes in 1 tenth of the original size. Import as custom at 1000% and it comes in at the original size.

    Shows that size is not important - proportions are what count:)

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