Quick render of a GWR project built in Carrara

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this is my first post as I have just managed to get a grasp of Carrara. The image is a long
time demolished waiting room at Corwen railway station in North Wales. I am modelling the whole station
from scratch using old black and white photographs and GWR reference sources on the net. I've nearly
finished the main station and I have also modelled a complete goods train.This is a huge project.
Anyway let me know what you think


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    well it looks wonderful! I think with all the detail and loving care you have used on the building it's a shame you haven't done the same with the ground.
    The lighting also is superb,

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    Looks very good from my perspective and agree with head wax on the ground. Most train stations have some sort of elevated lighting, so would love to see the roof illuminated.

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    HI thedogsbollex

    Welcome :)

    It's a good start.

    The U.K. railway system is a nice subject to focus on, as a project. there's a few nice "well built" little stations left. but many have been "modernised" or are gone.

    Q: Are you using texture maps for the ground, and bricks, or, are those procedural shader.

    it would be nice to see an overview,.. if you have tracks, sidings, or other buildings laid out.
    If not,. no worries.

    also maybe a closer shot of the posters,.. if they're not timetables :)

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