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I had to purchase a new computer because my old one's harddrive was completely wiped. I lost all of my DAZ content as well and was wondering if there is an easy way of resetting all my downloads and downloading them in bulk? If not, I may have to give up on DAZ which is too bad because I have a LOT of files and have made many purchases since '07.

Also, I'm trying to download the new DAZ 4.5 and it won't allow me to - I get as far as the windows message at the bottom saying "Do you want to save MC.....from download.daz3d.com? I click "Save" and nothing happens. I did go so far as to create a new DAZ folder in my Program Files (86), but it won't even save to that file. It just locks up.

Thanks in advance for any help you're able to give!


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    Hello. There are a few threads bouncing around that are talking a download manager Daz is working on. Some details here:


    until then, there are a few tools available by another member that may help. They're here:


    Good luck! Hope this helps a little. :)

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    Program Files is protected, assuming you are using Vista or later, so don't save stuff there (or place your content there). Instead download to a folder outside Program Files - recent versions of WIndows have a Downloads folder under your profile.

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    You might want to think about investing in an external drive to back up all of your content, that way you could just transfer everything instead of having to download and reinstall.


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    Nanaya said:
    I did go so far as to create a new DAZ folder in my Program Files (86), but it won't even save to that file.

    If you're doing what I think you're doing, that isn't where you need to put the downloaded installer. That's where the installer puts the extracted program files when you run it. Trying to "anticipate" what the installer does is usually not a good idea, and occasionally turns out to be a very bad idea.

    What I do (and, I think, a lot of other people here) is to save all my installers to a separate folder — I use a big external drive, but it could be anywhere on your system outside one of the Program Files folders — and run them from there.

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