so generation X can really transfer well?

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we can transfer morphs (FBM FHM) of V4 (M4) to genesis by transfer utility.
I know many guys who transfered character morphs for V4, or M4 to genesis by transfer utiility.

I did samethings about some character of V4, V4 elite morphs and some character of A3 (need a3 shape for genesis )

I know these are not perfect, but it can work as morph. after set texture,, it seems not so different from the original.
but if I close up the figure, I can find many problems about detail.

also need many try and fail about each steps, untill to get better transfer shape.
(I forget memorize often each steps, so nexttime ,try transfer other character for genesis, it may not work time.
but try and erroer, after all I get the shape by transfer utility )

and I may need more tweak eg make JCM to adjust shape for pozing.

then I just ask,, generation X can transfer morphs more better than transfer utility about detail?

I do not ask which is more easy or not. it seems obvious. generation X is product not free.

if generation X works more better than transfer utility,I think the product is worth to get.
(it means generation X have original technology to transfer morph, not rely on transfer utility
and each clone shape daz sold with morph for genesis)

I feel,,if generationX is tool which auto-mate manual steps when transfer morphs of V4 to genesis by transfer utility?

(eg we can apply hide V4 clone shape as FBM to genesis, if we have them.
just change hide property setting,as you know,, it is so need to get new product for the purpose,,)

and,, can generation X transfer every JCM ,MCM of each character fof V4 at once,to genesis ?
and these transfered JCM or MCM really works good or not? (though these figure has not same weight map system,
generation X ajust the difference when transfer them?)

if I get generation X , I can use the each character of V4 for genesis, as same as (or like )when use it for V4
? at least the shape transfered by generation X is much better than just transfer it by transfer utility?
without generation X, we can not get the shape and quality when transfer utility only?

I just hope the true worth of the generation X. and if I buy it from daz shop,,
what I can get clearly. want to know what can I do or can not, before throw it in my cart.
what is really different when use generation X , when use transfer utility with manually setting ?


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    I have the GenX plugin, although I rarely use it.

    I think the best thing for you to do, is to buy the plugin, use it for a while to see if it suits your needs. If it doesn't, then return it for a full refund, you have 30 days to see if it works for you or not.

    If there are any specific morphs or characters you want to tranfer to Genesis, I could try to do it using GenX if I have the items, and let you know the results?

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    Jimmy,, I know,,, you are so kind men ^^;
    I do not bother you manytime for me ^^;

    as for me,, I get some V4 or A4 morphs. and some I transfered for genesis shape alrready.
    but of course I can not content with them. (just use it for mixing,,)

    if V4 morphs perfectly fit genesis, I want to buy many morphs. .
    actually,, thre are so many varietion of morphs about V4 . though I can mix many morph easy about genesis,
    but you know? you serch charcter with V4, there are many good picture ^^;

    so I feel,, need more varietion and product to choose for genesis.

    actually, I want to get more texture for the genesis and my character.

    V4 texture can use without problem to genesis. but,, if I buy these products for genesis,,
    I hope the shape morph can work as same as V4 or A3 about genesis.

    so generation X often said in this forum,,
    I just want to know the quality of transfered shape.
    yes I know, if use generation x, I can transfer morphs to genesis.
    but,, I can not clear,, the quality. if it is perfect,, why need to make new product for genesis? I think.
    every product make for V4 and, use generation X. then release it . I think.
    (though generation x is not daz original product^^;)

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    I think Gen X can transfer shapes amazingly well, considering how different Genesis and Gen 4 models are topologically. Since Gen 4 is much higher poly and has different topology the shapes will not transfer exactly.

    Things to bear in mind are that you will require the basic shape for Genesis that the morph is based on (e.g. V4, M4) and that if the morph uses add on morphs such as Morphs++ you will need these for your Gen 4 model. Some INJ files do not transfer due to the way they are scripted. These seem to be older ones that were made for Poser in mind, but that's just a guess: I've not had problems with newer characters, though. I've also successfully transferred a lot of creature creator shapes for M4, including the animal and alien heads, teeth, hand morphs, and others. Only a few of these morphs won't work (forked tongue is one I remember).

    I've had problems with some more extreme body shapes (e.g. very slim H4—although I don't have the H4 shape for Genesis, perhaps that helps). For example, sunken chests which cannot be corrected with Genesis morphs, and problems with eye scaling. These are only a few cases, though.

    I think it's worthwhile if you have a good number of Gen 4 characters already, but if you have mostly Genesis stuff it's probably a bit of a luxury. Although I've bought a few Gen 4 characters with the intention of transferring them (and they all worked well), increasingly, new characters are coming out for both generations. I think now it would have to be pretty spectacular one way or another for me to buy a Gen 4 character.

    Here are a few comparisons. M4 is at the front. Note that I dialled the Michael 4 shape into Genesis before dialling the Gen X shape. I think you can see that in most cases the M4 has more modelling (although adding a texture will make this less noticeable), but sometimes the transfer can be a bit of an improvement.

    1024 x 879 - 212K
    1024 x 879 - 212K
    1024 x 879 - 212K
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    Thanks for that HP, they look really well.

    I haven't tried many tranfers, but I think I will try a few Aiko3 and V4 characters over the weekend.

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    thank you much,,:)

    frankly said,, it seems difficult for me to decide.

    it is my Aliya for genesis which just transfered by transfer utility, and I did not tweak it yet.
    (if I tweak around eye brow,, it will be more good,,,,)

    then,, I wrote many things for reply Hiro Protagonist and Jimmy,,about generation X,
    and transfer utility,, what may happen,,when pozing,, and how I transfer,, by transfer utililty,,

    but when I click submit,,It denied,,, \TT)

    so i just say thank you now,,, maybe,, I will try generation X,,

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    and one more pic .

    as for me, when I transfer morphs ,, I keep it as new one FBM,of oneFHM
    so if it need A3 or A4 or V4 or utopian etc,,I gather them as one.
    then transfer.

    (I know there is another problem,, but,, if I transfered separately each morphs,
    I think each character JCM may not well transfered, so it is better, after transfer character,
    make new JCM by my self and adjust about the shape for genesis.. if I need,,)

    this is,, "A3 linx" transfer to genesis by (transfer utility and A3 shape for genesis)
    about this case, I keep as head morph and, only body part morph,(not FBM)
    as usuall genesis scale. so need to change scale. but I need not change A3 shape morph.for genesis.
    (It is imvolved in my new morphs already)

    nyoko hair B is original hair for A3
    just parented it to genesis linx. (forward) .

    I have no tool to change linx material to genesis still, (though I know the tool,,)

    apply other A4 texture to genesis, and apply A3 texture to A3 linx.

    (original linx texture has so big animetic eye, if apply it, the effect of transfer may not understand,,)

    so i think,, transfer utlitly almost can same thing as generation X that,, if I can not content with
    the transfered shape by transfer utility,, I may not content with about generation X too .

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    If you go to my Rendo Gallery, you'll see a tonne of GenXed figures. I love GenX!!!!

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