should i reset to factory settings?

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I seem to have a problem. Until recently i have been able to select something, a body part for example, simply by clicking on it. Then for no reason i can se, that option seems to have vanished. I can still select an object by clicking on it, but not a body part. I think this might require some kind of reset, but all i can find is one that resets everything to factory settings. If i use this will i lose any scenes i have saved?
Or perhaps there is something else i can do.
Help would be very much appreciated


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    And the answer is? well i never was known for my patience, so i went ahead and did it. Made little difference to my content, none that i can see. What is differnet is that now i cant even click in the work area, every time i do the thing just crashes. I will include my system info just in case it might be useful.

    Model Name: iMac
    Model Identifier: iMac12,2
    Processor Name: Intel Core i5
    Processor Speed: 2.7 GHz
    Number of Processors: 1
    Total Number of Cores: 4
    L2 Cache (per Core): 256 KB
    L3 Cache: 6 MB
    Memory: 20 GB
    Boot ROM Version: IM121.0047.B1E
    SMC Version (system): 1.72f2
    Serial Number (system): C02H93HXDHJP
    Hardware UUID: DF484AB5-A3C5-55FF-82F1-46332E33E148

    As for the version of Daz i am using. Its pro
    It was working with no problems at all until this happened.
    Could do with some help to be honest

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    Depending on style/layout the tools will appear in different places...but they should all be found under Tools,

    Take a few minutes and switch between a couple of the Universal and Node selection... to why a reset to default is idea.

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    Thanks mjc. i normally have the universal selected by default, but its not the tool thats the problem. Maybe i ma not explaining myself properly. Okay, if i have spot render selected then of course i wont be able to select a body part by clicking on it, trust me i have spent lots of time wondering why nothing was happening when i had the spot render selected. No fool like an old one is there? For some reason though, and i was in mid workflow, nothing obvious had changed, i tried to select a body part so that i could pose it, and it failed to respond. Which is where things began.
    Now i have reset Daz to factory default, and i find things have got worse, in that whenever i try to click into the work area, it just crashes. I wondered if this might be some problem with something included in the scene. To eliminate this i loaded another scene, and it made no difference, it still crashes as soon as i click into the work area. I am starting to think it may be necessary to re install daz from scratch, which is a nuisance but that the way i may have to go unless some kind soul has any answers.

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    You may have already checked this, but in the Scene pane, you can click on the little arrow (as shown below), and that makes any of the body parts of Genesis (in this case) unselectable. Is that maybe the problem?

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    Hi Jimmy
    I have noticed that before though never, apart from by accident, clicked on it. However i checked and the thing is marked with an X so i dont think its the cause of the original problem. The check mark does not seem to respond to being clicked on anyway, though whether this is because of some other problem i have no idea.
    Couple of things that i need help with. As things stand right now i cannot use Daz at all because any time click on the work pane to do anything the thing crashes. I can use tools like the camera controls on the pane but if i touch the pane itself, it crashes.
    Do you think that if i re install Daz i might solve this problem. If so, do i currently have the most up to date version, because to be honest, i have lost track of what the latest release is.
    Hope screen shots will assist
    Appreciate your help

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    That old patience thing bit me yet again. So i removed Daz and then installed it fresh, and it still crashes!
    What next then?

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    The little 'x' marks mean that nothing can be selected of course, and these should toggle ON and OFF by clicking on them in the Scene pane. When you click on them, they should change to a 'tick' mark. Is that not happening for you?

    I can't find anything that would cause these to be permanently switched to the 'Unselectable' position. The only other thing that I can think of is the Interface Settings. I am posting an image of mine. If you set yours the same, does that help?

    After having reset to factory defaults AND re-installing, I really cannot think what is going on at all.

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    I have been trying to work this out for some time now. I could not avoid 4.5.137 from crashing at all, every time i clicked on the work surface it crashed. So in desperation i removed it again. I then installed the previous version DS4.5.114, this does not crash, indeed it appears to be working as it should. There are some points that might be of interest. The little x marks are clickable on this version, and as mentioned they do stop things being selected. On the newer version, for some reason those marks were showing the x, which must mean i accidentally clicked the top one and shut down the entire figure, making it impossible to select anything. Voila, dim wit strikes again.
    However on the newer version i could not change the X to a tick, it would not respond, which may mean i did something to prevent a change being made.
    All this probably means that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing in my hands.
    I cannot explain why the thing kept crashing, all i know is that if had to suffer my bungling, i would crash too.
    I suppose its a question of trying to install the new version again and see if it works.
    Thank you for your help

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    Good, at least you are getting somewhere :)

    Just to let you know, the latest version is, and there were a lot of bugs fixed in that release, it is the one I am using. It is not a Beta release

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    Gosh, well maybe thats the solution, only thing is i cant recall how to get the updated version, can you help please

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    You should probably buy it from the store as usual, just a mo....

    The latest one I can find is here :

    You could try resetting your download from the Itemised Order History, if that doesn't get you, the link above will.

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    Thank you so much. I thought i had to buy it but there were two versions and i could not see which was the correct one. I now have the correct version installed and it seems fine, well almost. Thank you again

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