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I'm trying to use the Vladimir injection for M4 inside of Carrara 8.5 pro. When I apply Vladamir's face (sliding the slider from 0 up toward 1), the face morph is applied but M4's eyes don't move up to fit the morph - thus the figure ends up unusable.

Is this a C8.5 bug?
And is there a simple workaround?
Out of curiosity, I tried moving the eyes up with the translate gizmo, but I think they're locked (and I wasn't sure that was a good solution anyway; wouldn't be surprised if that led to problems later when animating)

Had this problem before.
Then reapplied Vladimir injection to fresh m4 and worked fine.
But after adding aniblocks, the eye problem is back.

Any suggestions welcome. (note, if I dial the morphs down to 0, the eyes look fine)


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    I tried with my M4 and the Vlad morph and it worked fine. In the past, there has been an issue with M4 eyes and morphs when using the original 9-29-2008 version of M4. There was an update 11-11-2008 that updated the eyes a little. You may try installing M4 again and running the initialize thing....

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    Hi Mosk :)

    It's working ok for me here too..

    Try this,...

    Open Daz Studio, load Michael 4 using the Power-loaders to add the morphs,. then quit DS , jump back to carrara, and try loading Vlad again.

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