so many store items with just one picture?

DisparateDreamerDisparateDreamer Posts: 1,977
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I'm guessing its because of weird store changes, but i keep seeing older (but not OLD) items for V4/M4 with only one promo picture.... i'm assuming pics got lost somewhere..... but its super annoying. how can anyone buy something based on a close up cropped pic??

Hope daz will fix it soon :(


  • SpyroRueSpyroRue Posts: 5,009
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    I've noticed that too :( - such items I avoid purchase as I will not risk purchasing something based on 1 image.

  • DisparateDreamerDisparateDreamer Posts: 1,977
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    daz really needs to fix it; it does the vendors a huge disservice and causes loss of sales. :(

  • FirstBastionFirstBastion Posts: 4,165
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    That happened to more than a few products after the store switch back in May, promos mysteriously disappeared, and many PAs had to send updated images to restock their product pages. DAZ made the fixes/additions to those quickly, but on some of the older products where a PA was no longer active, DAZ never got the heads up and since they have literally thousands of products, some of those product pages you mentioned for example, have slipped through the crack. A quick comment to support that you're interested in a product if there were more promo images, might just get those pages updated.

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    The old vs new aspect of only having one promo image is interesting since I've seen some newer items with only one image as well. I wonder if it simply varies per vendor.

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