V4 Clothing Morphkit in Poser 9 - error

NikisatezNikisatez Posts: 69

Hi All

I've upgraded to Poser 9 and have installed the V4 Morphkit by Netherworks.

However when applying a magnet and using the Python scripts window provided (clicking on any of the buttons) I get the following error message -

NULL (or empty) script name passed to PEPythonEngine::DoScript()

I can use the buttons by going to: Scripts, Netherworks, Clothing Morphkit 3 and these all work.

Does anyone know why this would be happening? It's doing it on both my PC and Laptop.

I've also updated my Poser 9 to SR3 and that doesn't help it.

Specs - Running Poser 9 on Windows 7 - 64bit

Really hoping someone can shed some light.



  • pwiecekpwiecek Posts: 1,027
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    I'm not absolutely sure but I think the python scripting has changed in Poser 9/2012

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