can I download content with a download manager?

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Hi guys, I have been trying through about 2 download resets to download the genesis starter essentials.

It fails on me at about 150mb in. + im on a slow connection.

will i be able to download this with a download manager that can resume on a stop?


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    If you have a download manager that allows and uses passwords, then maybe...

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    I'm in the same situation :( Even with one that supports downloading from SSL sites (secure sites), you can't resume a broken download :( The download manager will attempt to pick it up again but the site brings back an error about the session being timed out :( One of the download managers I was using had a log that listed all the various server info as the file started, gets dropped or finishes. I never did save the information though to show it here.

    Long story shorty, you can use a download manager (it may wipe out your download attempts if it's not set correctly though) but you can't resume a dropped (or paused) download :(

    JasmineSkunk: Staff stated recently (I don't recall the topic though) that the Install Manager won't have resume support (even though before the site upgrade happened they did state that it would) :( They keep trying to make it sound like it will be a great help to dialup users because you only need to download the parts that were updated instead of the full installer all over again, however what they don't say is that you still have to download the installer (or zip, I guess they will be) to begin with. They are talking about just the updates to files being easier to get, but getting a product you did not have previously will not do those of us on slow connections any good without the ability to resume :(

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