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Product keys for Bryce and Hexagon

terr0terr0 Posts: 0
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I recently downloaded the (currently free) DAZ4pro, Bryce7, and Hexagon2.5. With DAZ, I got a zip file containing various install files, and also a readme containing the activation code. However, when I downloaded Bryce and Hexagon, I got the executable install files, rather than a zip. And, both of these programs required activation codes. I tried initiating a help request, but only got an error page. So, I called tech support. Surprisingly, I got someone right away, rather than the usual voice-mail. (I think his name was Jason, but I may be remembering wrong.) I was informed that they were aware of the problem with the support ticket system, and aware of the issues with the Bryce and Hexagon downloads. He asked for my e-mail address and said he would e-mail me the activation codes. That was yesterday afternoon, and I still haven't recieved anything. So, now I've decided to try THIS route.

I imagine, the e-mail may have been written down wrong.

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  • ChoholeChohole Posts: 23,883
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    I have locked this thread, because I have already posted an answer to you in another thread on the same topic.

    Please only ask questions in one place, not in multiple forums.

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