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A few weeks ago I ripped a flash tutorial, I believe it was from here somewhere. Anyways, in the tutorial, you drag the base figure, then the morphs you want. Then select > transfer all non 0. Fine up until there as far as I can tell. In the tutorial, they hit transfer, and a dialog box pops up, this does not happen when I hit transfer though. It seems to try to do it automatically, without letting me name it....

I reloaded genesis, and the only thing in the genx shaping is cornea bulge. Soomething is not going right. I am thinking maybe because some things were changed when it was updated to 4.5, the tutorial looks like 4.0 to me, although I am no studio expert. Any help on how to transfer and save morphs in 4.5?


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    I have the updated Gen X for Studio 4.5 and it works the same for me as before. However, when I was using the original version in 4 some injection morphs did not do anything: all the values were zero so there was nothing to transfer. Is this a particular morph you have not transferred before? When hitting select for non-zero values have you checked that there were in fact any non-zero values? The morphs that didn't work for me turned out to have been made using dialling morphs (e.g. Morphs++) but the injection script does not load these morphs. It's necessary with these to load all the morphs it uses manually into Gen X. An alternative is to save the morphed Gen 4 figure as a cr2 and load that into Gen X. (If there is a better answer to this problem, I would like to hear it.)

    Of course, this may not be your problem, but it's worth checking.

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    It's the first time I ever tried genx, I only got into genesis since I decided to try the carrara beta out not too long ago, and have not had time to play much. Is genx 1.2(that is what it says in the about tab) the right version for 4.5?
    I will give the CR2 a try and see what happens.

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    No good either. Oh well, screw it, genesis is not worth the hassle of having to learn daz studio, I will stick to carrara 8 pro and gen 4. Daz studio is a nightmare, I remember why I avoided it like the plague now.

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