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I`m a great fan of howies countryside items. the problem - I work with the software DAZ-Studio. In this I can`t import this carrara files. Is there a possibility in next time, that everybody can purchase this great works from howie in the carrara quality for a use in DAZ-Studio?
thanks for answer, robby.


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    HI Robbie,. simply ,. no.

    These scenes make heavy use of replicators and surface replicators, to instance geometry,. and alhough DS now has some replicating abilities via a plugin,,... there are other reasons,.

    All the tree's are Plants which are created using the Carrara Plant tools, all the leaves are custom shapes with textures created for Carrara's shader engine.
    If you tried to export those tree's and leaf's into OBJ models, you'd be looking at somewhere around 200 - 500mb per Tree, which really isn't practical.

    Carrara can load and work with all your existing Daz3D figures, just like Daz Studio,.. but Carrara is a full 3D program..meaning that you can Model, Rig, Map, Texture, Animate, and Render the results

    Hope that makes sense :)

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    I purchased Carrara 8 but have yet to install it and learn it. You can't use these products in DS, but you can make and setup a figure in DS and move it into these Scenes in Carrara? I see the learning videos are on sale 60% off...has anyone tried these? Are they good for soomeone who hasn't even opened Carrara?


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    There is a very good course on Carrara at that comes complete with exercises and exercise files. You can sign up for a single month so it comes out to the price of many single courses but is top quality. It is for an earlier version of Carrara but you should get a good understanding of the basics very quickly with it. They also take requests for new courses so if people are interested and enough people ask, they will make a course. Also, they have free sections to every course so you can check out the course before deciding.

    Edit: I just saw the tutorials in the store, didn't realize the tutorials you were referring to. They look very good at a glance, but I don't have experience with them. The Lynda ones are for an older version of Carrara, these are more up to date.

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    The tutorials here by PhilW are quite good, and would help you get up to speed much faster. The tutorials done by Mark Bremmer at are also very good (he's one of the grand old masters of Carrara). For someone new to Carrara either of these will help you out and get you up to speed quickly.

    Think of Carrara as another tool in your 3D tool kit. There are many things that you can do with Carrara that can't be done with DS, like Howies epic landscape scenes and dynamic hair. There are also things that DS is much better suited for like Optitex dynamic cloth. Carrara renderer is much faster, and shaders are much easier than in DS. I like and use both, but Carrara's is my favorite 3D application.

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    edited December 1969 and InfiniteSkills have free segments you can watch to get an idea of whether they will work for you. I think both Mark's and Phil's tutes that I've seen are wonderful. I wish I had enough money to by all the sets as there's still stuff to learn even though I've had the software for years.

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    I've done the InfiniteSkills Carrara tutorials and found them very helpful - and you can get them for much less (forgot if it was $10 or something in that neighborhood) if you get them as an IPad app as opposed to regular PC tutorials. I think Infinite Skills also started a monthly tutorial access plan.

    Also wanted to mention that, which provides a similar service as with a wide range of tutorials, has multiple Mark Bremmer Carrara tutorials (starting back with Carrara 3 or 4 and going up to Carrara 7 Pro), whereas only has Carrara 5 essentials. I think might be $5 more for a month than, but could be worth it if your specific aim is to learn Carrara.

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    HI Kharma

    Welcome :)

    You can load Daz3D and Poser figures directly into carrara, using the content browser, just as you would using Daz Studio, or Poser,.
    there's no need to load and dress your figures in Daz Studio,. and then transfer that to Carrara.

    You should install carrara and have a play with it, before you decide what training you need.

    Carrara is a Big program, with lot's of features, and you may want to build your own figures or buildings, or animate, or create your own environments etc.. but, the training you'll need, depends on what you want to do with carrara.

    figure out what you want to do,. do what you know you can do,
    then if you get stuck, look for tutorials, or ask here.

    You'll find plenty of people here who can help.

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    Checking out the InfiniteSkills Carrara Bundle...looks awesome. I could learn from that for sure. I'm considering it for when I have time to learn Carrara. If only there was the same for DS 4.5


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    Whether you're new to Carrara, a veteran user, or, like you, have never tried it's marvelous interface and tools, the Infinite Skills training by PhilW will be a welcome addition to your collection.

    PhilW does a great job of teaching the basics, the more advanced, but even better, his examples and lessons inspire a wealth of ideas on different ways to tackle your objective.

    Also, you're gonna love yourself for buying Carrara!

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    \purchased the video tutorials...sure hope \i learn carrara, \i hate fumbling around in a program trying to do stuff and never understanding the full power of it. thanks for the info


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    An older book the Carrara 5 Pro Handbook by Mike de la Flor is another recommendation for a beginner learning Carrara. It also has 2 chapters on using Hexagon it it too.

    If you want an older version of Carrara the 1st edition Figures, Characters and Avatars: The Official Guide to Using DAZ Studio to Create Beautiful Art by Les Pardew has Carrara 6 Pro & a bunch of DAZ content on the disk that comes with it.

    You have to contact DAZ for the serial key or go get the errata page for the book the publisher has.

    Howie Farkes does have a free snow scene you can download. And,the Secret Lake & Stoney Creek Read Me files you can download from his site have some info on render settings that aren't in the current Read Me files that the installers for them give. the render info is useful even if you don't have one of those products as it can be applied to other renders. (Don't put those 2 read me's in the same folder they have some images that are different but have the same name if you do opt to download them.)

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    WOW..I checked out Howie Farkes sight..the images are outstanding...\I want to make pics like that!!! Now I don't know if I should keep on learning Studio or drop it for now and focus on Carrara...trying to do both at the same time can be confusingI think.


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