Fitting stockings properly to Steampunk Saloon set (boots)

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I'm having an issue with getting stockings to fit properly on Vicky 4.2 with Renderosity's Steampunk Saloon set, particularly when I apply the boots. Specifically, I'm trying to use the stockings that are part of the V4 Pumps and Stocking set, for which an add-on to SS (Trends for Steampunk Saloon) has been especially designed to work with. In brief, I can fit either the stockings or the boots using "fit to Victoria 4.2" and the foot poses that come with the sets, but not both - when I apply the boots, the stockings go out of alignment, and vice versa. This irritating problem has so far prevented me from really being able to use the Steampunk Saloon/Steampunk Socialite sets.

Can anyone who has both of these sets and has been able to get them both to fit properly tell me how you did it (resolved the conflict) or if there's another stocking set out there that will work properly with this clothing set?


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    It occurred to me that it might be helpful to post some images of the problem, so here they are. First, here are images of Victoria 4's legs and feet properly posed and fit in the stockings from the Pumps and Stocking set and the boots from the Steampunk Saloon/Accessories set.

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    Now, this is what happens when I attempt to put both the stockings and boots on the figure. Please note that I attempted to fit the boots and stockings using the feet poses provided with both sets, applying the poses to each item in turn - I went back and reloaded the figure several times so I'd have a fresh figure to work on. The irritating thing about this is that there's an expansion for the Steampunk Saloon set, Trends, which is specifically designed to use the stockings from Pumps and Stockings, so I know there has to be a way somehow to get these items to fit on the figure. I just haven't been able to find it yet. Again, can anyone who has both these items (and, if possible, the Trends expansion) tell me what I'm doing wrong?

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    It may not surprise some of the more experienced people here to know that I finally worked the problem out myself (albeit with a little help via email from a friend). :-P Here's what I did to finally turn the trick:

    1) Put the Steampunk Saloon boots onto the V4 figure:
    2) Put the Pumps & Stocking stockings onto the figure:
    3) Hid the stocking foot and toe (not the figure's foot and toe itself, V4's feet were properly positioned inside the boots - it was the stockings that were causing the problem):
    4) Selected the boots and went to "Parameters", then set "PBM - Adjust Shins" to 0.36 to hide the parts of the stocking that were poking through the boot shins:
    5) Selected the stockings and went to "Parameters", then set "Realistic" to 0.052 to hide the skin that was poking through the stockings.
    6) On the figure/character that I was using the boots on, I selected the boots again once they had been put on, went into "Parameters" again" and set "PBM - Adjust Shins" to 1.35, "ShinWideL" to 0.20 and "ShinWideL" to 0.20 to remove remaining poke-through from the stockings.

    The results are attached. The boots are still slightly oversized at the tops, but I can live with that as long as they fit properly otherwise!

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