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I have V4 Pro Bundle and installed v4, there is a file in there called power loader, what is this for and how does it work? do I need to install it?



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    The Powerloader is for DAZ Studio. If you use Poser you do not need it. If you use studio, I would install it as it allows you to selectively load morph sets for V4 and M4. If you load V4 you get a window in which you can choose what sets you want to load. Quite handy.


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    I find the Powerloader to be very useful. When you start to load V4 from the library, Powerloader pops up, and allows you to select what morph sets you want to have loaded with V4, like She Freak 4, Aiko4 etc (if you have them), and also Morphs++.

    You do not need to install Powerloader, but you may find it useful.


    thd777 beat me to it :)

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    Ok thanks guys..I had no idea what it did, but it sounds useful. Wow..so much to know for all these files...if you install A then you need B and C, for B you also need X and for C you need G and H...etc etc lol...I'm learning alot tho :)

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    Powerloader you can ignore if you want, it doesn't hinder you not to have it, you wont find the Powerloader plugin on my system and all of the .DSB scripts were deleted a long time ago.

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