Look-At-The-Camera script to animate characters - For Daz Studio 1 2 3 4

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download and manual :

This script for Daz Studio will take care of posing the head, and optionally, the neck, chest, abdomen and hip, so that the face faces the current camera.
This script was suggested by Daz Forums member Tugpsx

Select a figure's head.
launch the script
it looks like this
select the playrange to be processed.
Select the bones (other than the head ) that participate in the twisting of the body required to bring the face to face the camera.
click on the Doit buttom

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    brand new demonstration video for the script right here !


    oops changed it to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NhFhNMEwJWA

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    thanks for this! attaching a camera to anything you want the character to track works well too ;-)

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    Wanted to post another Thank you! This is a very very helpful little script!

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    thanks for the script!


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    Thanks for the script

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    crpw11 said:
    Thanks for the script


    recently i added a similar script but for the eyes



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    Thaks¡¡¡ So I have a question. When the figure (i use g2f) is in bed, the head orientation doesnt works correctly. Please help

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    Wow, it looks great. I will have to try it :)

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    Thaks¡¡¡ So I have a question. When the figure (i use g2f) is in bed, the head orientation doesnt works correctly. Please help

    the script doesn't orient the head using a very complicated process
    it' works about okay for standing poses but for not for horizontal poses

    if you temporarily Z-Rotate the camera so that your figure, as seen from that camera looks like it's standing up
    then Look-At-The-Camera script will work
    once that's done, you un-rotate the camera

    or you could parent a camera to your render camera, we'll call it the laydown camera
    you z-rotate the lay-down camera until the figure as seen from the layDowncamera looks like it's standing up
    you make the lay-down camera the current viewcam
    and run the script

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  • I see this thread is quite old and talks about applying the script to Genesis2. I'm trying to use it for Genesis3 and it doesn't behave well. In my animation (a walk cycle) the head wobbles a bit and then looks in all sorts of directions! If I try running it repeatedly on a single frame, the head keeps looking around as if she can't see the camera, changing each time I run it. The animation is in the timeline, not in Animate2.

    Should it work on Genesis3, (or 8)? Any suggestions? If it's only for Genesis2 I guess I could use mcjCopyPoseAnim (which I've found very good, by the way) but it would be a lot more work.

    Thanks for any help!

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