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It's become impossible to access any of my downloadable files : my browser tells me there is a DNS problem with

I tried Safari, Firefox and Chrome ... nothing works.

What's up here ?

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  • ChoholeChohole Posts: 24,945
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    I am not certain, because I am having no trouble with downloads, nor have I seen any other reports of any problems.

    THere was a problem on Saturday with access to the site for some people, but that was sorted out on Saturday.

    Try clearing your download history and cache, maybe do a system refresh and try again.

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    Thanks for your answer. Unfortunately your advice doesn't seem to help.
    Here's my browsers' error messages :

    800 x 460 - 87K
    620 x 296 - 83K
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  • ChoholeChohole Posts: 24,945
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    What is it that you are trying to download ? Is it from Your downloads in your account, or somewhere else.

    I ask, because that link is not one that we normally see when downloading

    Ok I correct that, it is in fact the normal download link. But there is no problem with it for the majority of people, have had several people check it out.

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    It's from the downloadable products page, here :

    983 x 499 - 146K
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    bdefauw said:
    It's from the downloadable products page, here :

    Strangely enough, I managed to get one download by clicking on the link in my mail app order confirmation message

    681 x 518 - 96K
  • ChoholeChohole Posts: 24,945
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    Well I have had a couple of other people check this, and they are having no problems either.

    I have just "bought" this week's freebie and checked it out, and it is downloading fine, as I type this. And at the normal download speed for me, and I have terrible broadband connection.

    I really do suggest that you close your browser, clear your cache. Possibly even reboot your system, to make sure the cache is completely emptied. Maybe you can even reset your router. It is not a problem that is affecting others.

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    I just did a system reboot and it works now. Seems to come from the Mountain Lion "upgrade" (never had any need to reboot with Snow Leopard, that I miss so much).
    Thanks again for your help.

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  • ChoholeChohole Posts: 24,945
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    I am just glad that you got it working again. Glad I could offer some help.

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    i think they had a problem with but it's fixed now. i got a message saying the security tag was invalid but now its working

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