Hair textures and transp. for original MW hairs from DAZ?

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Yes, this may sound like a strange and backward request, but I'm wondering if anyone has ever created natural-looking textures, including some transparency, for these old hairstyles - basically, "FemaleHair1(MW)" through "Female Hair5 (MW)", as well as "FemCurlyHair" and even the preteen/preschool pigtails. These old styles may not have all the morphs and the sophisticated layers of modern hair props, but their general style and 'body' was actually much more realistic, IMO, than most of the hair props that have come since. Not everyone looks like they came from either Cosmo, Vogue or J-Pop magazines - there's something to be said for 'normal' hair. I've never seen 'normal' pigtails, for instance, in any of the currently-available offerings, and one can't make all mature women wear either Portia hair or an updo - the old basic MW hairstyles are perfect for women who work, shop, teach, whatever, but they're chunky, solid pieces with impossible UV mapping (for me, at least).

So how about it? Does anyone know if, somewhere down the years, someone decided to make these pieces a little more versatile and realistic?


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    To tell the truth - I don't know which hairs you are talking about (Link?), but Kozaburo has some transmaps for older hair
    Downloads (to the left of the screen)
    2. page

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