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    How many times do I have to ask this question until I get an answer? "A lot of controversy" is beginning to sound like the understatement of the year.
    This decision has come with a lot of controversy but it should help customers know exactly what the status of their products are at any given time.

    I'm a customer, and I don't know what the status of a product I recently bought is, because the online readme does not yet exist!

    I really can't understand why this decision was taken, given the incomplete state of the online readmes. Some items require a detailed set of instructions, they aren't included in the installer any more and they aren't online yet. See the problem?
    I agree! And furthermore: I don't want to, nor need to know what the status of a product is at any given time, I want to know what the status of the product is when I bought it!

    Besides, this way you can change the readme's just to your liking. For instance the Dragon Rage Outfit, made by Val3dArt and Sarsa. I downloaded the pdf from this outfit because I was planning to buy it and in my downloaded pdf there is the name of the creator. In the readme today the name has disappeared ALTHOUGH it says the last update was 2012/10/23. Well I have to assume it was the product that was updated and not the readme documentation. :coolmad:

    So please, please, put them back where they belong? With the product? I mean, with all the stuff that doesn't need to be on my computer and is part of the installer, you could probably easily add the readme documentation in that installer, can't you? :)

    Love, Jeanne

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