Ground Clutter

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"DOG FIGHTS" has been on all day long and I am glued to it! The ANIMATION is spectacular. Although I see room for improvements particularly with the particle effects BUT ANY WAYS...

I LOVE the RICH (NO PUN INTENDED) Environments they use. Horizon to horizon RICH EARTH with large skys and the planes twist and turn and up and down and the earth and sky are always perfect..

ANy clue how one can pull that off in carrara?


  • evilproducerevilproducer Posts: 8,602
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    Time, effort and compositing.

  • RoguePilotRoguePilot Posts: 239
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    Looks like a flightsim engine.
    With the very best hardware and a lot of modding work even MS Flightsim could look like that. (speaking as a game modder)

    It's the camera work that mostly sells those sequences, which is a lot easier to do in a realtime game engine.
    Keep it moving with lots of action and the brain fills in the rest.
    (I have loads of recorded X-Wing data that I would love to be able to convert into animations)

    Use a high end renderer for some cut in 'Hero' shots and you have something pretty cool.

    The sound helps a hell of a lot too.

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