How to select the camera in Bryce then there are other objects around it?

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I am working on a moving camera over streets in Dystopia that I import to Bryce!
I have dificult to select the camera over the streets and only manage to select the other objects instead!
If I can select the camera I can then edit the x,y,z codinates and move it to next position!
If I have the camera on higher altitud above the street it is easier to select it!
Any good advice of this?

The other way to come around this issue might be to group the cityblocks and move them
around and then let the camera have same positon all the time then doing a movie!
The outcome will be the same as for a moving camera!

Thanks for any good avice!


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    Does this help

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    245 x 189 - 52K
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    Here's how to select the camera or other groups and meshes.


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    You can also select everything in your scene except the camera and then using the coordinate matrix (the little table shown in Chohole's last screen grab), choose 'Locked'.
    This will lock everything in your scene and mean that you won't accidentally select it while trying to selecting the camera.

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    Thanks for the advice!
    It realy helps!

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