How do you set Genesis UV Map in Carrara?

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Does anyone know how to set the UV map for Carrara to use with Genesis loaded in through Smart Content? I can now load the Genesis with fully loaded morphs but can't seem to find a way to select a UV map.

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    only way is to load a .duf with the uv preset I am afraid
    in Daz studio I mix uv for Facegen using V4 on face, lips, nostrils and others on body but had to save that as a character preset in studio to get it into Carrara.

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    Will Carrara load a .duf file? Is that imported?

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    sometimes. it may appear in smart content, you can import them, I get lots of errors.

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    HI( Boojum :)

    If you load the Genesis "Basic female" or "Basic male" as a starting point,. then you can apply Victoria 4 or Michael 4 skin textures to those figures.

    As all genesis shapes can be dialed in,. you have the ability to change the Basic male or female to whatever shape you want , but still use V4 or M4 texture sets.

    Carrara doesn't have (Live) swapping of UV set's, so you really need to start out by using the figure you need,.. for the skin textures you want to use.

    V5, or M5, Gorilla, Troll etc, all use their own UV sets when loaded into the scene.

    You can load DUF format shaders. poses, characters or scenes created in DS 4 or 4.5 ... but many shaders and poses now show up in the Smart content,. (if you've downloaded the latest file updates) or if the product is new, it should come in different versions,..

    Core, (for DS 4.5 and Carrara)
    Legacy (for DS3)
    Poser companion (for Poser or Carrara)

    Hope it helps :)

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    Actually, that helps a lot. I can just open the basic figure and use that with my texture. My problem was that I have M4 maps but couldn't use them with, say, H5. But it sound like I can lode the base figure, apply the M4 texture, then morph him to H5 without a problem.

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