Tendons and muscle bend morphs

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Hey there,

does anyone know if there are any products around for either Generation 4 figures or genesis to add tendons and some better looking bulge to knees and elbows when bending those?

Especially the small tendons and that small muscle bulge right in the middle of the inner knee would be a very cool thing to have as a morph, maybe ERC controlled.

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    This could help with that Genesis Evolution: Muscularity

    Flex and pose your characters with over 120 Muscle and Flex Morphs
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    The Evolution Muscle Morphs are great. If you "turn on" the flexions (a slider setting found in Parameters>Pose Controls>Full Body), as you move a body part, the corresponding muscles will flex. For example, if you bend the forearm, the biceps will bulge and the triceps will extend or flatten.

    There is s freebie over at Rendo to add tendons to the feet and hands (http://www.renderosity.com/mod/freestuff/details.php?item_id=69807).

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    dustrider I agree I am always turning Flexon on when I do a figure render now.

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    Thanks for the answers so far. I am rather looking for the backside of the knee bulge+tendon though. The freebie looks like a nice addition for some situations and the flexion looks interesting for some muscle bulge. Might give it a try.

    Im still looking for the mentioned stuff though, so if theres anyone with some pointers, let me know :)

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