Interjection for K4 and M5?

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I got Interjection, but I wonder if anyone has tried to use it on M5 and K4? And are the results good? I think there are some differences between M4 and V4, since DT supplied Interjection for those figures separately, so I wonder if it might not be possible to use M4's/V4's shader on K4, and V5's shader on M5... Anyway, just throwing this out into the ether, but will try later before I go to work. Have to go to bed now.

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    I haven't gotten it yet, but i wish to know this as well. Will V5 work on M5?

    I want to say yes, because if we recall correctly, the two figures featured in the promos of the product itself were M5 and Hitomi. If they will work even on Hitomi, then must definitely work on H5 as well; same bet on S5 too if M5 can use it.

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    Interjection has SSS/Translucency maps for the figures that it's made for- Hitomi, M4, V4, S5, V5, M5. You don't need to use V5's shader on M5 because he has his own. Assuming he has his own UV maps, I expect there will be an update for H5 shortly.

    Of the few M5 characters that actually use the M5 UV map, some have their own SSS/Translucency maps and HSS settings, so interjection would be redundant for those. (I think at the moment the entire universe of M5 UV-mapped males consists of Phillip and Dave by DAZ; Benjamin and James by Raiya; Aiden by Morris; Ashley, Braxton, and Corbin by JSGraphics/Male-M3dia/Forbidden Whispers. The rest use M5 shapes, but M4 UV mapping.) Benjamin, James and Aiden don't have SSS maps or settings, so they'd be the ones to try, if you have them. (That said, I tend to prefer Ubersurface2 to Interjection because it's a bit easier to control.)

    EDIT: Content below seriously edited because I realized after I posted that I'd screwed up applying Interjection, so I reran the test.

    I tried Interjection on Aiden M5, just to see what would happen, using the M5-InterjectionA preset. Results below, using Aiden's own light set; he's the bald guy. It's ... a look, let's say. It doesn't work for me, at least not out of the box, as this is. I'd need to tinker to get it to look right.

    Just out of curiosity, I tried Interjection on MEC4D's Jackie, one of the three K4 sets I have. (Despite the way he looks, that's a K4 texture; I just put it on Aiden's shape.) Tried with both M4 and V4. There was a small difference in behavior between the generations; with M5, Interjection turns on and maps the Translucency setting; with M4/V4, it doesn't. Anyway, below is Jackie, using the out-of-the-box settings for M4, the M4-Light preset, also with Aiden's light set. (Interjection requires raytracing to work properly, according to the instructions.) He's got some serious issues with Ambient, Specular and Subsurface that need to be tracked down. Weird thing is, Ambient is only set to 7%, which is pretty low. I must admit, I've seen Interjection turn characters glowing red -- usually it means that the specular map is in the wrong channel, which isn't the case with Jackie -- but I've never seen it make them quite that shade of copper before. After a bit of tinkering, it turns out that if you turn the subsurface on the skin surfaces WAY down -- I stopped tinkering at 25%, and that was still too high -- you get a much more acceptable result. Same with the specular; otherwise, the texture stays way too shiny. But it does look like that weird mixing and matching of UVs might actually work.

    Anyway, hope this helps.

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    At first I couldn't understand what you meant when you mentioned Hitomi. I checked the store, and it seems DT has already supplied a version, or at least partially, through "Interjection Booster Shot One". Seems I should have done a simple check beforehand. So, the remaining question is if it works for K4.

    I always turn Ambience waaay down, or just shut it off. And use the same light set-up as mentioned in the YouTube-video with UberEnvironment2 and a directional light. It's the same setup stonemason mentioned some time ago, and which made me apply it in my workflow. Not sure if you use the same setup in the two renders you supplied. And Specularity I dial to 30%-50% depending on the surrounding.

    So, I'll do some tests myself and see what happens.

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    I usually turn ambient down to 0, colour black and turn off, I usually darken the colour of the specularity and keep the intensity of the spec light, if I'm using one low.
    Personally I find the settings in the Injection Booster Shot One to be better, unfortunately none of the vendors are making textures using the Hitomi or M5 UV's so the maps are a bit of a waste and they produce a better result than the earlier ones.

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    I do like m5 uv. But as u mentioned... It hasn't really got support from the market. I think m5 uv is less distorted than m4 and the textures seem much more crisp too

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    Testing Rachel K4 with Interjection V4. Applied bump-maps and turned On at 15%. Set the Specularity-color to 143 176 186 at 50%. Light setup with one directional raytraced light at 60% softness and 80% strength. UE2 set to Occlusion w/Soft shadows at 25% strength. As you can see, it's not to bad.

    I attach a default-render using the exact same light setup, but without Interjection at all. The same texture-maps, bump-maps and turned off Ambience for this one too.

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    Just be aware that you can only use one uv map on any given material zone thus by using a kids 4 uv map and texture any non-k4 texture will not accurately line up, will have seams and distortions. I recommend you transfer the m4 or v4 SSS map to kids4. You'll be able to see distortions by testing the m4 SSS on figure as a diffuse. (Just something to be aware of)

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